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Are Fall Wedding Favor Options Really as Limited as they Say?

If you are planning an autumn wedding then it is only natural that you wonder about your fall wedding favor options. Are you limited to leaf shaped chocolates wrapped in tulle? Absolutely not. Since the changing of the leaves is such a distinguishing mark of the fall season its easy to make the mistake of thinking that fall wedding favors absolutely must have a leaf motif.

True, the classic fall wedding reception look with a fall leaf motif need not remind anyone of farmer Johnson’s barn (even if it is in farmer Johnson’s barn!). Indeed a maple leaf shaped syrup bottle filled with maple syrup can be an elegant and practical gift your guests will adore for years to come. Likewise, a tastefully designed leaf photo coaster (preferably provided with pictures of you and your intended) can provide a nice combination of beauty, function, and seasonality.

Non-Leaf Themed Favors Suitable for Fall Weddings

Sun Catcher Favors: Surprised? You should not be. As the air turns cold with the passing of summer through fall and into winter a sun catcher favor gives your guests a perfect opportunity to bring the light of the sun into their homes. And better yet, by presenting them as a wedding favor you will help your guests to remember the beauty of your wedding when they see the sun beating through the prism of the crystal at the heart of the sun catcher.

Candle Favors: Take advantage of the fact that the days are getting shorter and the nights are getting longer in the autumn season by choosing a candle favor for your fall wedding. Whether you choose one designed specifically for the fall season or a candle that compliments your wedding theme such as the popular Cinderella’s slipper candle.

Wine Favors: I love wine wedding favors for practically any celebration. Whether you are looking at bottle stoppers that your guests can display on a decorative bottle on their kitchen countertop, coasters, or something else, wine wedding favors are an excellent choice for your reception.

Crystal Favors: Crystal accents on your reception tables are an excellent way to add a touch of class to your wedding celebration and what better way to stretch your wedding budget than to use your favors as an integral part of your decor. Once you have crystal on your tables, add flickering candlelight – or better yet, a roaring fire in the fire place for the basis of an elegant and romantic atmosphere.

Bath Salt Favors: This is not your traditional fall wedding favor idea, but when the air is getting colder there is little more welcome than a warm bath tub treated with fragrant bath salts and a candle.

Coffee and Tea Favors / Hot Cocoa: When it gets cold outside, there is little more welcome than something warm inside.

Edible Favors: Is there ever a bad time for an edible treat at a wedding celebration? Let’s face it; a wedding is not the time for dieting. The advantage, though, is that edible favors such as designer cookie favors are able to be fashioned or packaged to fit nearly any wedding theme.

Silver Favors: There is little that says elegance like the glint of silver emanating from an impeccable dinner table, meaning that your well chosen wedding favor will be received well from the moment your guests enter your wedding reception.

Choosing a wedding favor for your fall wedding is really a relatively simple process. Simply choose the favor that provides your wedding with the best combination of being able to accent your wedding decor with beauty, extend your theme uniquely so your guests will clearly identify your fall wedding favor with your wedding, and be practical so that your guest will want to keep it for years to come.

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