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Are medications safe? Should i eliminate my doctor?

What is natural healing all about? Aren’t prescribed medications good enough, and completely safe to take? Do not doctors know what they are doing? In fact doctors went for years in school to learn about disease even if they did not learn about prevention and the reason of the sickness, does it matter?

Why do people say that millions of peoople die every year from taking medications and the side effects? Why do people say that taking medications is the third leading cause} of death in the world after cancer and heart disease?

Aren’t chemicals that you add to your body good for you? Aren’t people healed from their sicknesses even tough they have to take medications everyday? Well in fact no. If you have to take the medication everyday, you are not healed. The medications are just covering the symptoms and taking away the pain you would have, but the lpresent in you all the while in you and the medications are not taking away your sickess!

Only your immune system can make you well! Medications are a billion dollar industry that feed on sickness. People have invented a way for their patients to remain sick and keep bringing them money! The leading pharmaceutical industries know very well that if you have a right lifestyle, eat the right food, and find out the root cause or the reason why you are sick, you will get well.

And pharmaceutical industries do not want getting well! When someone gets well it is because their body healed itself. There is no such thing as a chemical healing a sickness! If you have heart disease, and the doctors put a stent, if you keep eating a fatty diet, over time the veing will clog up again!

What is the answer to heart disease? Eating the right food, exercising, fresh air, enough sleep because the body only regenerates itself through sleep! Drinking enough water, temperence and trust in God!

Yes you can get well. In fact the otthomolecular medicine could be the most advance and the most successful medicine ever! People with mental illness have only a 10 percent chance of recovery with medicine, with orthomolecular medicine, people with mental illness have a 90 percent chance of recovery!

Linus pauling received the nobel price a few years ago because he found out that Vitamin c given in orthomolecular dosages cures heart disease! Since then his successor Dr Mathias Rath foud the casem cure with heart disease, and now a stemp of approval from the Us government on his research on Cancer. In the laboratory test tubes, the cancer cells died when given a mixture of Orthomolecular vitamin!

Yes i am the proof that orthomolecular medicine works! I am cured from a long bipolar ill ness, it has been two years withour any medicine or any symptoms! If you are taking medications, do not stop at once, you need to do your homework and find out the reason of the sickness and read book about orthomolecular medicine or check out

Then you can get well. Thousands of people are getting well completely who had cancer, heart diasese, mental illness! Diabetes is completely reversible! Medications are a terrible way to go and hide the symptoms instead of curing the disease! Orthomolecular disages means to give sufficiently of the vitamin the body needs for the body to recover completly!

There is not a hundred percent chance of recovery; but for heart disease for example, the vitamin C is large dosages eliminates the fatty deposits over time and cures completely a person from heart problems!
For more information go to to see free videos on orthomolecular disease!

The author is webmaster of Theologian, massage therapist, poet and musician