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Are You Fond of Yoga

There is no necessary connections between them, regardless of the impact that the cartilage softening and other diseases received from Morton’s toe. Some people who got the disease of Morton’s toe had appeared no problems. Because there are two hundred and fourteen feet ligaments, thirty-eight muscles and fifty-two bones of your two feet, it is not an alarming thing if there is anything wrong on your feet. There is a one fourth proportion of feet bones while comparing to the bones all over the body. Runner’s feet diseases can be generally divided into the following five types.

It is said that precaution is the best way to cure, and it was also mentioned in the last chapter. Nevertheless, you also can take a few treatment measures to guard against the appearance of water vacuoles What we have talked about before can help you to handle the small blister. Whereas, you have to adopt a sterilized needle to pierce the blister, make the liquid inside out, then put Vaseline on it and pack it with gauze, supposing there are big water vacuoles, which would put soreness on you.

If we pay more attention to that, post a one-eighth inch of foam rubber cement on it, which looks like the tyranny in the mountain rescue box. Be in usual conditions, it can be seen that you can keep on running without caring any problems after you deal with it in such a way. There is no need for you to turn to a doctor if the infection does not emerge.

Because of immoderate strengths or chatters, a kind of gentle variation of bone structure named stressful fracture comes into being. Generally speaking, this sort of fracture would like to disappear in its own way, so plaster cast or dress is not needed. However, this fracture is often misdiagnosed as bone seeker or foot bruise. Even though we come to smart doctors, it will not be an easy thing, the reason is that by using X-rays, this kind of fracture can not be examined.

The most frequent sites that get compression fracture are the longest toe and the two lower leg bones, which can be called as tibia and fibula. It is said by some authorities, the stressful fracture turns to be general phenomenon for it is a trend to make running exercise with a long distance. If you can do less exercise and after you finish running, you will be without any uncomfortable feelings, the compression fracture almost will disappear within six weeks. By running on a road that is soft and elastic, the fracture will be healed with a faster speed.

More and more runners are likely to take the exercise of yoga. Yoga belongs to the philosophy of ancient Indian, with a mystical element. The school highlighted the rate adjustment, meditation and other religious practices, in order to stretch limbs, some people imitated this approach and created a gym, called yoga exercise.

In most of the books about yoga in narration, make a salutation to the sun is a very good and comprehensive regular exercise. But what we have mentioned above about the last three moral integrities just can be regarded as a auxiliary of yoga even though you want to extend limbs and trunks with yoga method as well as increase the power of some parts that you want to strengthen.

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