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Are you in a Habit of Lying? You Might be Effecting your Health

psychological effects of lying

Did you ever experience that whirling pit in your stomach after crafting a white little lie? Are you good enough in going away with these? If, yes, then might be, lying has become a useful tool in your life. Right from appreciating your colleague for that uncanny looking dress to thanking endlessly to your boss who is always putting you on fire, lying gradually slips into everyone’s day-to-day life. While it seems that lies save you from certain kind of unwanted conditions, the fact is that, it damages your physical and mental health without even letting you acknowledge.This article is focusing on the effects of lying on health.


psychological effects of lying

Lying is an anti-social behaviour which catches up easily if not restrained. Perhaps that is the reason why “honesty is the best policy” is taught from the very childhood. It affects your relationships, your social status, and your own self-confidence. Apart from the legal and social implications of crafted lies, our health also pays penalty for it. To put it precisely, our body responds the way we think because there is a connection between our nervous system and the immune system. So, it makes quite a big sense in the way our brain and our emotions send messages affecting the overall health.


the effects of lying on the brain


Play of hormones when we lie

Planning for a lie, the moment we tell a lie, and the time span till the lie is established, we stand in a state of stress and anxiety. This short duration evokes big hormonal changes inside the body which are not good from health perspective. In anxious and worried state, our body produces hormones like cortisol and norepinephrine.

Cortisol can suppress the immune system by increasing blood sugar.

Norepinephrine initiates the “fight or flight” response and increases the heart rate and blood pressure.

Slow and gradual engagement in lying activities jeopardize our health gradually.

Lying overloads your brain

When you have already lied, your brain tries to establish a balance between what you know and what you have said. This process is quite taxing for the brain, especially for your memory. This work overload affects the decision making and problem-solving ability of the brain. That is why, when someone is interrogated to establish the truth of the lie, he ends up blabbering things that are irrelevant. Actually, during this time, the brain tries to settle down with the deception and hence fails to get away with smarter and simpler alternatives.

Deluding yourself again stresses the brain as it is easy to remember the truth than to remember the exact details of a lie.


 Long-term health effects of lying

Repeated lying for whole of your life results in continued circulation of stress hormones in the body like a poisonous dose. The burden of living with your whopper causes chronic anxiety. You might gradually lose your ability to think clearly and the stress hormones also reduce the immunity. It might make you catch cold and fall sick frequently. Memory might also diminish its sharpness.

Insomnia is another chronic health issue that might develop with untruthful personality. General fatigue and weakness, headache, and irritability are other associated health problems to secure their place in the long run.


stop lying

 Stay honest! Stay healthy!

It is difficult to squeeze out those seemingly innocuous white lies of our daily lives, but once you understand the peace and confidence it gives, you would never like to lie again. Try to surround yourself with like-minded honest people who encourage you to adopt a truthful path. Being truthful, you will worry less and will become a persuasive person. People will trust you more and with open mind, you will enjoy everyone’s company, instead of avoiding people and situations that can unveil your lie.

From health point of view also, always remember “it takes a lot of negative physical and mental energy to maintain a lie.” It’s better to bear the instant heat of a harsh truth than bearing the cold hits of a lie forever. Moreover, lies enslave you and the truth sets you free.

If you find it hard to quit lying and feel emotionally weak to make an attempt, then take a professional’s help. A psychologist can unwind the right plan of developing this good habit in you.     



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