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Army Deployment Gear And What You Can Or Can’t Send To Soldiers Though The Mail

What can you send to soldiers through the mail? A small handheld bible is never too big though! Mp3 players, multi tool (Gerber), good knife, camera, it just depends if he will spend more time inside or outside the wire. With some of the other units can’t really say what they need or were they will be. Under armor. Both, cold weather and warm weather. I’m assuming he’s going to be there through the seasons, and orders could change location. So you always want to make sure that they have something for both times of the year. Even if they don’t use it as long as they have it that is all that matters.

The army will get them a list of what they need to pack for deployment. Ask them to write a “Wish list”. That way you know to send them. You know the usual gift things. There might be a few things that you did not get for them and they will ask for them right away. Maybe something small like a flashlight, knife, or something that they need to just have fun with. I read about the mother sending silly string. The soldiers use it to detect trip wires. Spray it across an area if it falls to the ground its clear. That’s just one way to be safe!

These are some of the things that you can not send though the mail: Arms, including air guns; and parts of arms and munitions. Binoculars. Coins; banknotes; currency notes; securities payable to bearer; traveler’s checks; gold, silver, platinum, manufactured or not; precious stones; jewelry; and other valuable articles. Lighters containing butane gas. Non-preserved meats and soft fruits. Perishable infectious biological substances. Perishable noninfectious biological substances. Radioactive materials. Tapes or cassettes.

The answer is No, you can’t send deodorant, and shaving cream if is an aerosol. Personally don’t send them more because of the risk of explosion while in the cargo area (not all planes have pressurized cargo holds), Might want to call the post office directly and see what they have to say. Lord only knows what infectious and noninfectious biological substances there are.

How and why can you order silly string online (which is aerosol) and get it sent to your house if you aren’t allowed to send aerosol through the mail? What do the companies do differently to be able to ship aerosol? I would say that they do this, maybe, because our packages stay longer inside hot places and they can explode…imagine if every package is full of aerosol. I mean in the States the stuff that you order on line will end up at your house in the mail in two to three days. But to send them overseas would take maybe a week or so if they don’t have to stop some where else.

Then it will take another couple of days for it to actually reach the person the package is for. So they have a long time to wait in hot conditions or what ever else conditions there are just to reach who they were sent for. You can order aerosol items online from CVS and they will ship them via land shipping instead of air freight. I suspect it works the same way with the silly string?

They ship aerosols via ground shipments. This is why you can order it on the internet and have it shipped to you in side the US. Military mail sent overseas is not shipped ground. It is shipped on an airplane. That is why they do not allow aerosols. Neither FedEx nor UPS ship ground to Iraq (non FPO/APO) addresses. They only ship air and again they have regulations on what can be shipped.

Most companies do have factories all over the place including China, Thailand, Vietnam, India, etc. So that maybe the reason they can ship it anywhere. They also may send it a different way overseas to places like that. Most of the stuff that goes into the PX/Exchanges overseas is sent by ship, then off loaded and trucked. So with the silly string being there it was probably through the stores there it was purchased.

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