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Aromatherapy Herbs for Children

Aromatherapy herbs can be used on your children in many instances. They include times when your children are hyperactive, feeling agitated or even stressed. Some parents also use aromatherapy herbs for children with Attention Deficit Disorder or in the treatment of their children when they fall ill. Chamomile, lavender and eucalyptus are some common aromatherapy herbs that can be used for children.

Chamomile is one of the best herbs that promote relaxation and calmness. In fact, it has been used for
thousands of years to help children fall asleep when they are having a troubled night. It may be used in tea form, massage oil, or even in a bath given before bedtime. Again, when using herbs with children, it is important to note if they have any skin sensitivities to the herb. Still, in most cases, chamomile is one of the safest and gentlest herbs and has been used with infants as a natural remedy.

Lavender is also very beneficial in the use of promoting calmness in excitable or restless children. If you are going to add Lavender and Chamomile to carrier oil for massage oil, or if you want to add it to his bath, it is recommended that you perform a sensitivity test on your child, at least 14 hours before using it. Simply use about ½ to 1 drop and place behind the neck of your child, at the hairline, and check for any skin reactions. If after fourteen hours your child is fine, it is safe to assume that your child does not have any allergies to either Chamomile or Lavender and you may continue to use the oils as planned.

When your child is down with a cold, steam or inhalant therapy can also help. Essential oils lavendar, tea tree, eucalyptus, and/or peppermint can help with runny noses. There are also aromatherapy herbs for coughs, diarrhea, colic and tonsillitis, amongst others.

Children are smaller than adults so if you are making massage oil, or making an herbal infusion, remember that the dilution of essential oil or herbal to the base will be smaller than if you were making it for an adult. If you are making tea for children or something for your children to consume, be sure to first consult a qualified aromatherapist for advice.

Aromatherapy herbs for use in children are gaining in popularity. There are aromatherapy products that are now available for purchase and that are specially prepared for children in health stores. Many parents now prefer to use natural herbs for treatment as an alternative to drug or OTC medication.

Still, it is important to find out about the herbs that you are using for your children even while you seek natural treatments. Herbs can still have side effects and should be used properly. If you are nervous about making your own creations or treatments, you should buy a formulation that is already prepared.

Remember to always read the labels on all essential oils that you purchase and heed their safety warnings.

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