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Statistics have shown that one out of four applicants lie on their resume or CV and that

over 50 percent of inventory theft is committed by employees. Hiring the wrong employees

costs employers millions of dollar per year through theft, payroll fraud and the resulting

damage to an organization’s reputation. The best way to manage and mitigate the risks of

deceitful or fraudulent employees is through the implementation of a qualified personnel

vetting and pre-employment screening process.

While all security organizations require pre-screening of all employees, the practice is

equally as important in other environments where the safety and security of people’s goods

or property is a part of an organization’s operations or it is in the best interest of the

general public. These can include environments like nurseries and schools where the

well-being of children are at risk, medical facilities that care for elderly or disabled

individuals and financial institutions that are charged with the secure oversight of funds.

The most advantageous way to assure employees in these areas will not become a risk factor

is through thorough criminal record checks and verification of employment histories.

Even for those business organizations that provide services outside of the general public

welfare, a personnel vetting and pre-employment screening process can often mean the

difference between profit and loss. Retailers and equipment suppliers with large inventories

all need employees they can trust with money and inventory that can lead to theft or fraud

when left in the care of dishonest people. Maintenance providers also must assure that their

employees can be trusted around properties and information in settings where there are often

few other people around. Using a personnel vetting process can help assure that a business

does not become vulnerable to actions by employees that lead to profit losses due to

increased insurance costs or possible legal actions against the company.

A qualified personnel vetting process can also benefit business organizations that need to

invest large amounts of time and money in training their employees. Thorough checks into an

applicant’s employment history, education and career gaps can assure that that person does

not have a pattern of changing jobs on a regular basis, has falsified their educational

background or is someone who has covered up past employment problems with career gaps on a

resume or CV. Completing a credit check on applicants can also assure an organization is

hiring a person who is responsible with their money and appreciates the financial commitment

an organization puts into a lengthy training program.

Implementing a qualified personnel vetting process into a business organization’s staff

management program just makes sense. In the long run, it can help assure the integrity and

financial stability of any organization.

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