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Asthma And Pet Dander—5 Reasons An Air Purifier Can Help

Suffering from asthma and having a warm-blooded pet is often not a great combination. Chances are greatly improved that you can still enjoy a pet if you have an air cleaner that can help keep you keep the dander count low. Here are 5 reasons to choose an air purifier for relief from your pet’s dander.

Continuous Cleaning—With asthma and other respiratory conditions, you are often not aware of a problem until you start to feel symptoms. That is because many powerful allergens like pet dander are invisible to the human eye.

A unit that is able to constantly filter out both visible and invisible triggers will keep the levels low all the time so they are never able to build to a level that would trigger an attack.

Decreases Maintenance— A unit that requires little or no maintenance decreases the time, energy, and money that you need to use to keep the unit working properly. Getting rid of it while it’s airborne means there is less to clean from the furniture and floor..

This means fewer allergens available to be sent back into the air with daily movements throughout your home. Fewer allergens mean you will spend less time cleaning, and that’s always an added bonus.

Removes Other Allergens—Asthma attacks are often triggered by a combination of irritants. Pet dander is one of many normal indoor allergens. Having a unit that can take others such as household dust, dust mites, mold and mildew spores, bacteria and viruses is an added benefit to have with any cleaner..

Check for the number and type of particle filters in the technical specifications.. Your unit should contain at least 2 pre-filters that are designed to take out both large and medium size particulates. It should also contain a HEPA or high efficiency particle arresting filter that can remove the invisible particles (like dander) as small as .3 microns in size.

And lastly, it should contain a filter made of carbon cloth. This type of filter insures the purifier’s effectiveness against odors, gases, chemicals, and smoke. And because it is a cloth, it gives an additional level of protection against particulates as well.

You Can Take It With You—Asthma can put a real cramp in how you are able to live your life.. Anxiety about what’s in the air when you are traveling or visiting family and friends can often stop you from making the trip. A portable cleaner that contains filters to eliminate all kinds of pollutants can make a huge difference in where you can go and what you can do.

A light-weight unit with wheels can easily be packed in the trunk for vacations, work-related trips, or visits to family and friends that have smokers, pets, or both.

It’s A Cheap Solution—An air cleaner that can operate for pennies a day makes it, by far, one of the cheapest solutions to a huge problem. Long life filters and purifier warranties are another way you can save. Check the technical specifications for the unit online to make sure that the unit isn’t an energy hog.

Dealing successfully with pet dander when you have asthma will take a management plan that uses a variety of approaches. An air purifier should be at the top of your list.

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