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ASUS EEE Pad TF201 64GB Review

Asus was the original inventor of the netbook – the portable computer which was extremely lightweight and provided enough computing power to get through most basic needs. But then the tablet revolution came along and netbooks started to disappear. However, Asus simply reinvented the netbook and has come out with a powerful tablet which docks into a full keyboard. This device has all the necessary features to provide a smooth tablet experience to the user, while retaining the power of the keyboard for lengthy hours of typing! The tablet in question is the Asus EEE Pad TF201, which comes with 64GB of storage.

Running Android Honeycomb, this tablet packs in a lot of power as well. It features a quad-core CPU, making it the world’s first tablet to do so. This means that there’s more processing power to go around, and 1080p videos can be watched effortlessly on the go. This also makes for a better browsing experience. With Flash support, many of the best websites on the web will come alive on the tablet. But perhaps the most attractive feature of the tablet is the keyboard itself, which comes as an optional add-on for this tablet.

The whole point of buying a tablet is to get rid of the extra keyboard, right? Using a tablet purely as a touchscreen device is indeed pleasant, but there might be times when you need to reply to an important mail and it goes beyond a few words. Typing for a long period using the onscreen keyboard might be time-consuming. That is why a keyboard dock is an excellent idea for such situations. The tablet slips into the dock effortlessly and within a matter of minutes, you can finish typing a lengthy reply to your mail or finish typing an important document. After your work’s been done, you can remove the keyboard and enjoy using your tablet as a touchscreen device again. The keyboard comes along with a touch pad, which supports multi-touch gestures. This is to provide a more familiar feel to regular laptop users, who will appreciate the touch pad while formatting a presentation or preparing a document.

On the entertainment front,the tablet doesn’t disappoint. The powerful CPU ensures that there is no lag or stutter while HD videos are playing, and the large storage capacity means you can load more of your favourite videos or songs onto the tablet. What’s more, Asus provides an additional 8GB of cloud storage with the device, so that’s more space to go along with.

Then there’s the fact that the Android Market has over 500,000 apps for you to choose from. So you can be rest assured that you’ll never be out of things to do on your tablet. The promised battery life of 18 hours is very close to the actual battery backup provided, so it’s a great deal to invest on this tablet. And if you’re one of those people who like to be updated with the latest software, you can upgrade this tablet to run Android 4.0 – the latest version of Android.

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