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Atkins Diet Phase Two – Ongoing Weight Loss

If you have made it past the initial induction phase of the Atkins Diet, congratulations on accomplishing the first stage of your weight loss goal. The Ongoing Weight Loss program you are entering into now is where you will being to customize the Atkins program to fit your individual tastes which is what makes the Atkins Diet Program so unique in the diet and weight loss world.

Even though you are now allowed a little more flexibility than in the induction phase of the program this second stage will continue to amaze you with the how much the weight will continue to drop and the fat melt off. You will begin to see a gradual slow down of the rate in which the weight loss and inches lost occur. This is a normal and deliberate part of the plan so don’t let it bother you. Just bear in mind that just because you are being allowed a few more carbs it doesn’t mean you can go back to eating whatever you want. You must eat good quality carbs and steer clear of junk carbs such as white flour and sugar.

You must also have a set goal. Do not just make a goal of losing some weight, have a specific amount of weight you want to lose and write the goal down. It is much easier to visualize you end goal when it is written down. You must visualize and see how your body will look and how you will feel when you reach your goal.

With the Ongoing Weight Loss Program you will learn to continue to burn and dissolve fat, maintain control of your appetite, learn how many more carbs you can take in and eat a wider choice of foods.

The following are the main rules of Ongoing Weight Loss:

Keep protein and fat as the mainstays of your nutritional regimen
Do not increase your daily carb intake by more than five grams a week
Add new foods in the order listed in the Atkins carb ladder
Only add one food group at a time
Stop new foods immediately if they promote weight gain or increased cravings
Continue on Ongoing Weight Loss until you have five to ten pounds to lose.

If you follow these guidelines you are sure to be successful in your quest for weight loss.

Gregg Hall is a business consultant and author for many online and offline businesses and lives in Navarre Florida with his 16 year old son. Get your Atkins Diet products at