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Australia Travel Ensures Fun and Excitement

When you partake in Australia travel, it should be about having fun, discovering new and exciting things, and seeking out new adventures. There are many different great and exciting things to visit in your Australia travel, but there are a few special places in particular that you must include on your itinerary. The Great Barrier Reef is definitely a hot destination for anyone who is thinking about Australia travel.

The Great Barrier Reef is the perfect place to spend some time on a visit if you are a first time traveler to Australia or if you have visited many times before. The Great Barrier Reef is the largest coral reef system in the entire world today. The Great Barrier Reef includes almost 3,000 individual reefs, 900 islands and stretches for over 2,500 kilometers. The entire area of The Great Barrier Reef expands over and area of over 300,000 square kilometers. The Great Barrier Reef is located off the coast of Queensland in the Coral Sea. Queensland is in the northeast area of Australia and is the second largest state in all of Australia.

The Great Barrier Reef is so incredibly large that it can even be seen from all the way in outer space. It is actually classified as the biggest single structure made by living organisms in the entire world. The Great Barrier Reef is actually composed of billions of coral polyps. Coral polyps are genetically identical little organisms that build together to form larger organisms. Most of The Great Barrier Reef is protected and surrounded by The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park which works hard to preserve the endangered wildlife that exists in and around the reef. Some of the species that you may come across in your visit to the reef are whales, dolphins, porpoises, sea turtles, salt water crocodiles, exotic jellyfish, giant clams and many other unknown and tropical fish.

The coolest part about The Great Barrier Reef is that you can go on an organized and guided tour of it which allows you to come face to face with these amazing creatures, some of them that you can only see at this reef. Your Australia travel cannot be complete or fulfilling without an exciting tour of The Great Barrier Reef. While there you can go on scuba diving adventures, snorkeling or even deep sea diving with the tropical fish. The Great Barrier Reef is a place that you must visit while in Australia; it is guaranteed to be the trip of a lifetime.

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