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Baby Safety and Hazards

Every parent is seized by fear thinking that the most precious little one can be seriously hurt injured or worse. That is why it is a paramount thing to childproof the place where the baby lives. The best way to do it is to go down on all fours and you will get the view your baby has.

Electrical Items
So, provide your baby safety by checking electrical outlets, all of them should be covered, even if you think that some of the outlets are out of reach. Do not be so imprudent, babies tend to grow and very soon your toddler will be strong and clever enough to push a chair and reach the same things you can.

Children are curious people and once reaching an electrical outlet he or she will be very eager to stick in his or her finger or other objects. Adults know what usually happens in such situations but children are not so experienced and they can get electrocuted. This idea won’t give you much peace of mind. So it is not enough only to explain your baby that sticking fingers is bad, but also provide your outlets with safety caps. It is also vitally important to keep other small appliances such as blow dryers, curling irons and irons unplugged and out of reach.

Medicine and poisonous household cleaners
Be maximum cautious with medicine and poisonous household cleaners. Some medicine might look like the vitamins your child always gets from you and some of poisonous household cleaners can have an aromatic and fragrant smell which can lead astray and the baby can conceive a wish to taste it. The place where these items are kept should be out of reach and advisably always locked. It is ill considered to think that child safety caps can keep your kid out. Children can be very smart and resourceful and in this case it won’t do them good. One more piece of advice: always keep the number of your local poison control centre handy for emergencies.

Shopping bags and garbage bags
Playing little children like to hide themselves and they can find it amusing putting their heads into such bags. As shopping bags and garbage bags are airproof they can easily cause suffocation. You’d better keep plastic items such as shopping bags and garbage bags out of reach.

Can curtains be dangerous?
Any kind of drapes and blinds are not dangerous until their cords are out of reach. Otherwise they can form a loop and cause strangulation or throttling. Make sure that your baby’s crib is not near any of these items.

Choking hazard
Always keep a watchful eye on the things your baby play with. Infants tend to put everything they see on their way into their little mouths and those objects can be a choking hazard. How small should a thing be to be considered as a choking hazard? You can use an empty toilet paper roll. If the object will fit inside it could be a choking hazard.

Dangerous water
Never leave buckets or any big vessel with water or cleaning solutions out. Babies can drown in less than an inch of water.
Keep always in mind that even the best childproofing does not guarantee safety to your baby. Your constant supervision is the best childproofing.

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Written by Travis Olague

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