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Baby Sunscreen: The Importance Of Protecting Your Childs Skin

Using a baby sunscreen or in fact any sunscreen on your child is very important if they are outside. It is preferred that children particularly under 6 months stay out of the sun at all costs. We all know that this is more often than not hard to adhere to for many different reasons. If you do have your baby outside in the sun you must keep him or her fully clothed and apply sunscreen to the exposed areas.

Now as I said before you may use a baby sunscreen or an adult option. There really is not much difference. Of course being a baby and having very sensitive skin you should first apply a small amount of lotion to the under part of the forearm to check if there are any reactions before applying all over. I would suggest to do this even with a baby or toddler version.

Once you have decided that it is ok then apply thickly and evenly onto every exposed part of the body. Be diligent in making sure you have put some on his or her ears, nose, neck and shoulders as well as the obvious legs and arms. Always remember to put a hat on your child if not in the shade and keep up the fluids. Water being the best option.

You will find that sunscreens usually come in SPF 15+, 30+, 40+ and 50+. This includes the ones specifically for babies. There has been no major evidence to say that you really need to go higher than 30+ but if you are more comfortable with the higher levels then by all means do so.

It is so important for all of us to be aware of needing sun protection. You as an adult and parent need to also cover up and use sunscreen. You are the role model in your child’s life and so should be setting a good example. As your child gets older, especially during the warmer seasons, he or she should be applying a sun protective lotion every day to wear to school or just at play. This should become a habit not only in your childrens lives but also yours.

You will find baby sunscreen both in shops and online at very affordable prices. But just remember that you can purchase the one lotion to suit everyone in the family if that makes things easier.

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