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Backpacks For Girls And Daypacks For The Wilderness Girl

My family thoroughly enjoys nature. We especially enjoy the forests and lakes and rivers. Regardless of the season, you can often locate us hiking, camping, biking, walking, boating, canoeing or just relaxing on the beach. Naturally, we have all the gear required for out-of-doors fun. Our storage area is stuffed with day packs, particularly girls backpacks.

Our girls seem to have a different daypack for every occasion. For them the daypack is an accent, much like a purse. They have backpacks for girls that are of every shape and color. One of our girls is such a girly girl. Heaven forbid that her daypack didn’t match her trekking clothes. we kid with her frequently that flies wouldn’t attack her as much if her backpacks for girls did not match her hiking outfit! She frequently rationalizes that if she does not look wonderful the frog she smootches might wind up looking like the sweat befouled shirts I wear when hiking, rather of the prince she wants. It is very dramatic though, when it is lunch time or to have a snack. While she thoroughly enjoys the outdoors, she simply can not stand the idea of getting her girls backpacks somewhat soiled. She will make a huge attempt to clean the point where she is planning on setting her day pack down.

My other girl is more of a Tom boy. Her day packs, while perky, tend to be more practical. She doesn’t worry if her day packs gets wet or soiled either. It is interesting how kids will metamorphose the polar opposites of each other.

One time, when trekking through the Sierra National Forest, a squirrel snuck up from behind and found its way into one of my girl’s open day packs. She snuck into the daypack without detection, unmistakably intending to abscond with a morsel or two. Much to both the squirrel’s and my girls’ surprise, one of my girls zipped the day pack pocket into which the squirrel had climbed and threw it onto her back. What a ruckus followed! I’m not certain who screamed more loudly, the squirrel or my girl when she heard the squirrel squawking and causing commotion while hitching a ride on her back. Needless to say, the squirrel made a mess of my girls backpack, but the girls love telling the story of the squirrel caper!

There are many girls backpacks styles, and our girls love to hunt for the next great girls backpacks styles. When they were young, my girls prefered to buy daypacks with Disney cartoons on them. And every daypack had to be pink. As they got a little older, Disney yielded to perky designs with hearts and balloons, or to designs featuring Hollywood hearthobs like Justin Timberlake.
Girls backpacks frequently provide a manner for a girl to arrange her belongings. Usually providing a number of smaller pockets, these daypacks provide a place for everything from makeup kits to cell phones to notepad holders and personal item protectors.

Girls backpacks come in a variety of colors and designs. One girls backpack offers the opportunity to include custom embroidery and silk screening. My girls purchased me a day pack and had a picture of our family printed on it.

There are many girls backpacks designed for travel as well. One girls backpack that we like is manufactured by The North Face. This day pack offers luggage like amenities including a pull handle and wheels. This girls backpack is particularly useful when trying to move my family through airports.

backpacks for girls is available at this location: . Additionally, day packs can be purchased at this location day packs