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Bandit Signs and Repetition – The Key to Successful Marketing

The other we want to talk about here real quick is you can use bright signs to attract potential sellers. You can use bright orange with black letters. Particularly this time of year that fits the season. There’s also neon yellow with black letters. They both work fairly well. Those aren’t my preference, but they would certainly work.

The Importance of Repetitive Marketing

The next thing to talk about is that like all marketing it has to be somewhat repetitive to get sellers to call you. We’ve talked about this before. It’s very important that if you’re going to do bandit signs that you really commit to do it. You can’t just put out 10. You need to put out a fair number of signs all over town and do that on a fairly regular and consistent basis.

What’s going to happen is somebody’s going to drive by and see your sign, but may be driving too fast. They’re going to go a mile up the street and they’re going to see your sign again. Maybe they’re going to turn and they’re going to see your sign again. It’s the repetition, and it needs to be the exact same message, the exact same color you used for the other signs. Everything has to be identical.

If you use the exact same color scheme for eeach sign, they understand when they see it that they will quickly appreciate and recognize that it’s your sign. They will automatically know that it’s the same person and the same sign. There’s going to be this kind of cumulative effect in their mind of seeing the sign over and over again.

Even if people don’t write down the telephone number right away, because maybe they’re on their way to work and they drive by it repeatedly for maybe a week or so, then they’ll say, “I’m in real trouble here. I better write this guy’s phone number down.” Maybe they drive by going back and forth to work for a week, and after a week or so it keeps registering in their mind and they write your number down and call you.

Who knows really how all these things work? This is why is especially important to be repetitive with your marketing strategies when it comes to getting motivated sellers to call you. If you practice this strategy consistently, the important thing is that you will get calls.

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