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Baron and Budd: Bounded By Law, Unbounded By Humanity

Baron and Budd is a renowned law firm with seasoned attorneys. Under the leadership of Russell Budd, Baron and Budd has branched out to other legal areas apart from asbestos litigation. Baron and Budd is a precedent-setting law firm. Every year it helps hundreds of mesothelioma victims get compensated for mesothelioma claims. Individuals and organizations affected with asbestos-exposure related diseases have consistently sought the service of Baron and Budd over the years.

Russell Budd is a one-of-a-kind legal entrepreneur. Through his law firm, Russell Budd has provided support to mesothelioma victims. Recently, Baron and Budd, under Russell Budd’s guidance, partnered with is a database containing details of more than fifteen thousand union organizations in existence for over twenty-five years.

Russell Budd has been instrumental in driving corporate social responsibility. Baron and Budd was recognized by as the organization’s authorized legal service provider for asbestos- and mesothelioma-related issues, acknowledging the law firm’s dedication to helping individuals and unions in asbestos-related matters. As part of the celebration of Mesothelioma Awareness Day, Baron and Budd donated funds to Russell Budd forged a partnership with, together with the organization’s affiliate website that will enable them to provide legal and medical information services to mesothelioma victims.

Over the past years, Russell Budd has stressed the importance of helping union members. This is evident in Baron and Budd’s client list. The firm has represented many union members in asbestos litigation matters. This firm has also had a long and fruitful association with the American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations (ACL-CIO), which is a federation of autonomous trade unions in the United States.

Following the example set by Russell Budd, the lawyers at Baron and Budd have given their time and effort to increase mesothelioma awareness. They have provided online resources, offered legal advice, and helped mesothelioma victims and their families.

This firm has also underwritten two books about Mesothelioma. These are the NCCN Patient Guidelines, from the National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN), and Understanding Mesothelioma, under the CURE media group. Baron and Budd has donated to Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization, which is an independent organization that not only helps asbestos victims and their families get medical help, but also seeks to prevent, diagnose, and cure asbestos-related diseases through public awareness, research support, and legislation against asbestos exposure.

Daniel firmly believes that asbestos should be banned. It should not be legal anywhere. He hopes that mesothelioma lawyers and mesothelioma law firms such as Baron and Budd can help the world get rid of asbestos. He wants to lend a compassionate, helping hand to make the world aware of the ill effects of asbestos on human health.