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Baron and Budd – Unprecedented in Purpose

Baron and Budd is a highly acclaimed asbestos litigation firm. Over the past thirty years, Baron and Budd has delivered value for its clients. Branching from asbestos litigation, it has taken up cases ranging from water contamination, pharmaceutical injuries, and Chinese drywall, among many others.

This distinguished firm is also involved in mesothelioma patient support and welfare activities. It is involved in setting up mesothelioma trusts and funds for victims of asbestos exposure. Such funds have been helping mesothelioma victims and their families get the financial support they need.

Baron and Budd has sponsored, which is a 25-year old database of thousands of union organizations. This renowned firm, along with, has collaborated with to offer legal and medical information services to union members. This is indeed a one-of-a-kind service, and by doing this, Baron and Budd is setting precedents outside the legal domain, too.

Baron and Budd sponsored the translation of the National Comprehensive Cancer Care Network® (NCCN) Patient Guidelines to an easy-to-read format. By doing so, Baron and Budd ensured that mesothelioma patients have easy access to information and resources. Often, mesothelioma patients fall short of medical and legal information. They resort to searching the internet and asking people. These methods may not get patients authentic information, but with Baron and Budd taking the initiative to handle medical and legal literature related to mesothelioma, patients may have a reason to breathe a sigh of relief. Now, there are even more resources available to help victims of mesothelioma; such as

Millions of dollars in settlements have been won by Baron and Budd. Handling cases across the country, the attorneys of Baron and Budd are licensed to practice in many states. Baron and Budd works on a contingency fee structure, which means that the firm pays for the litigation costs upfront. They reserve the right to a percentage of the compensation settlement in the case of a win. This model helps mesothelioma patients when they may not have the adequate money to file litigation and carry forward a case. This model also helps mesothelioma patients to concentrate on their quality of life while Baron and Budd takes care of the rest.

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This article is based on Daniel’s extensive research on mesothelioma and asbestos though he is not an expert in this particular field, he keeps up to date on what mesothelioma lawyers such as Baron and Budd are doing to fight asbestos. Additionally, he regularly follows asbestos developments at