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Beauty Uses for Avocado

Chances are that at some point in your life you have eaten an avocado. There is a wide variety of various tasty dishes that can be prepared by using avocado. This fruit can be added to sandwiches and pureed as the main ingredient in guacamole. Avocados are packed with vitamins, minerals, and essential fats, which make them an extremely healthy food. Eating them is only one way to reap their benefits, however. Avocados are not only a wonderful ingredient to add to meals, but they have a variety of different beauty uses.

Since avocados are full of protein and essential fats, not to mention the vitamins and minerals, they can be used in your hair. It works well as a moisturizer as well as promoting rejuvenation of broken and split hairs. If you use avocado in your hair as a conditioner, it will become more elastic, which will make it less prone to breaking. To make the conditioner, mix together pureed avocado, an egg yolk, and olive oil. Apply this to your hair and allow it to sit for awhile. Make sure to rinse your hair thoroughly with warm water and wash it as you normally would. Not only will this mixture make your hair softer, but it will also add shine.

Besides being a wonderful moisturizer for your hair, avocado also moisturize your skin. There are oils in the peel of the avocado that will do a fantastic job of making your skin soft and smooth. You can simply take the peel of the avocado and rub it onto the skin on your face. The meat of the avocado can also be mashed and blended with either honey or lemon juice to make a facial cleanser. If you would like a nice glow to your skin, add oatmeal into the mixture of the facial cleanser. The oatmeal will work as an exfoliant and will remove any dry and dead skin from your face.

If you decide to use avocado in your beauty routine, there are a few tips that you should remember. Avocados will go bad, just as most any food that is left out over a period of time. Make certain to use your mixture soon after you prepare it. If you have avocado leftover, wrap it and place it into the refrigerator immediately. Make sure not to put it into the freezer because the frigid temperature will make it go bad quickly.

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