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Best Corded Drills to Fit Your Budget

Choosing the right corded drill can be complicated enough without factoring in your budget. Fortunately, however, the industry does offer industrial quality corded drills from top manufacturers for prices less than one might think. From Dewalt and Makita, manufacturers truly known for their quality design and innovation, these diamonds in the rough will bring you brilliant results for a much smaller price tag. These drills represent what is best about the professional tool industry while still being affordably priced.

To begin, Dewalt’s DWD112 VSR pistol grip drill offers a monstrously powerful 7 amp motor with the huge power to perform like a true pro through even the most heavy-duty applications. With prices ranging from about $65 – $95, the tool promises your heavy-duty needs are met without demolishing your financial plan. The drill’s compact and ultra lightweight design (weighing only 4.1 lbs) provides operators with superior control and comfort, and a unique handle design ensures smooth balance and manageability rendering the tool simple to use and conveniently appropriate for both sensitive and aggressive applications. The drill has a 3/8″ all-metal ratcheting keyless chuck which provides superior bit retention, and with a 0 – 2,500 RPM variable speed trigger for ultra versatility, the drill impresses throughout every drilling and fastening application. Additionally, the tool is built with an all ball-bearing construction for enhanced durability, a longer overall life-span, and overall smoother operation. Altogether, the DWD112 is a quality, long-lasting industrial drill from a reliable manufacturer, with a reliable warranty, at price you certainly won’t regret.

Additionally, Makita builds another strikingly good tool that won’t bust your budget. The 6407 3/8″ drill is a good old fashioned power tool designed to, well, drill with the best of them. Pricing from about $75 – $95 the tool packs a professional wallop without delivering a wallop to your wallet. Designed for maximum durability and longevity, the tool has a mightily powerful 4.9 amp Makita built motor, and with variable speeds ranging from 0 – 2,500 RPM, the drill is versatile with optimized drilling in a variety of materials. The tool’s ball-bearing construction provides the tool with superior reliability, an extended overall life-span, and much smoother operation. Additionally, the tool is designed to provide users with uncompromised comfort and control on the job. The drill may seem a bit bare-bones in comparison to some of its bigger, flashier brothers, but the tool does exactly what a drill is born to do, and does it with Makita endurance, high-quality, and high-performance. Essentially, like the DWD112, the 6407 is a brilliant tool with solid components, high-quality design, and a reliable warranty at a price that keeps you well within a budget.

Each of these drills are high-performance power tools that will bring you seriously good results without throwing a wrench into your finances. With these tools, nearly everyone can afford to drill like a pro.

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