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Best Methods For Free Website Traffic

There are some excellent proven methods for free website traffic that should be used by every internet marketer who offers information to their chosen niche market. And whilst these methods do involve undertaking in a little work on a consistent basis, if you are willing to do so then you are already half way to getting your own steady flow of targeted website traffic.

Sharp eyes will have picked up on the use of the word “targeted” to describe the type of website traffic that these methods will attract. This is the exact type of traffic that your website should be attracting as it will already be qualified, that is it will already have identified itself as interested in a specific topic of your niche. Don’t forget that targeted traffic is the most valuable type and is exactly what is wanted to build an internet business.

One of the most successful methods is to create unique content in the form of articles and submit them to the article directories. They will be picked up by other websites and blogs where there is a big demand for keyword focused content. And when it is featured in such places, the value of the link back to your website or blog, which will be included in the resource box, will be greater as it has more relevance.

The next source of free website traffic is a blog. Yet that is not enough in itself. It is important to ensure that each blog post contains unique, helpful content filled information are are published on a regular basis. The blog posts can direct the reader over to your website for more info and recommended products to purchase. The search engines love blogs as they are full of content and the spiders will crawl them on a regular basis if your content is regularly updated. If it is possible to undertake then write one blog post each day as the blog will then be visited and indexed each day by the search engines. If this timescale cannot be met, then try at least three times per week. As a time saving content creation technique, you should rewrite articles that you have published and split them into two separate blog posts.

You should also try and identify the three top forums in your niche and start posting responses and comments on a regular basis. Have regard to the rules of each forum and don’t see such platforms as an easy and blatant sales pitch opportunity. The best strategy is to start answering questions and then over time reveal who you are and how you can help others with your blog and website. You will engage in the process of building trust with others that use such forums and the challenge is to bring these people onto your email list.

In addition to this, consider how social media marketing could help in finding where to get free website traffic. How about recording a how to video and post it on YouTube? Set up an account on Twitter and use tweets to make comments and bring traffic to your website. Just stay on message within your niche and don’t tweet absolute rubbish. The same tactic can be used for Facebook where you can interact with others in the niche in a more social way rather then a hard sell and direct them to a free offer you have in exchange for their email address.

All the above are proven methods for free website traffic. Now it is up to you to get working with them and enjoy the results that you will undoubtedly attain.

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