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Best Shoes For Walking

Shoe walking will always be a part of our everyday life. We walk in going from the living room to the dining room. We walk up and down the stairs and we walk to hop from one shop to another shop. But walking can be more than that. To others, it is therapeutic and a good form of exercise that benefits both the mind and heart. Thus, we can’t blame why there are people who are very particular when buying shoes for walking. Here are some tips on how to get the best walking shoes for you.

Visit a good specialty shoe store. What is meant by good here is the extent of great service the shop can offer to you. They should be providing shoes to both novice and serious walkers. They should spend time to talk to customers and give sound advice. They should also provide you with answers to your questions.

Wear socks and put the shoes to test. Always wear the kind of socks you would be wearing when you will go for a walk. This way the thickness of the socks will be considered. When you do try them on, make sure to walk around the store a bit just the way you do your walking. This way you will know if it provides enough comfort.. Also try to bend them by flexing the toe to the direction of the heel. If the shoe bends in the middle of the foot then that’s not what you want.

Examine your old walking shoes. If you can’t wear old walking shoes to the store, see which of the shoes’ part you wore out most. It is important that you tell the shoe specialist or sales person this so that they would have an idea of what kind of walker you are.

Heels should not spread outward. While runners need this kind of heels, walkers don’t.

Tie the shoelace when fitting. You can often ask the salesperson to do this for you. This should help you decide whether the shoe is of the right fit or not.

Never buy shoes for a big discount. A lot of walkers are guilty in committing this simple mistake. You must never exchange a discounted price for comfort.

Know beyond the your limits. Always try to remember that walking shoes are not meant to last forever. It needs a replacement after walking on them for 400 to 500 miles.

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