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Bladder Infections Goodbye!

Bladder discomfort is really a drag and should be treated as soon as any symptoms occur. When caught early Bladder infections respond well to Herbal remedies.

Symptoms are painful, burning, hot urination. Nagging pain above the the Pubic bone. It can cause a constant uncomfortable urge to go but hardly anything is there.

Herbal treatment can be as simple as drinking alot of Cranberry juice. Cranberries contain Benzoin, a phenol with pretty powerful disinfectant properties. But even more interesting is that Cranberries make the Bladder wall too Slippery for bacteria to adhere to; thus nicely preventing infections.

Corn Silk

Corn Silk is a simple, cheap solution to Urinary discomfort. It’s surprisingly effective. Corn Silk are the white strings-or fibers that you peel off when you prepare corn on-the-cob. Collect a nice handful of Corn silk by peeling a few fresh corn stalks. Toss into a saucepan and fill with double the amount of water. Simmer for about 10 minutes. Drink 1/4 cup every few hours.

Parsley is helpful to clear mild symptoms. Make tea out of it. Add to salads and soups. Cilantro is used similiarly.

Good Western Hebs are:
Uva Ursi
It’s specific and Excellent. Take 1 teaspoon of Tincture 3-6 X Day, and relief should be felt in the first few hours.
Or, drinking a strong cup of tea, every 2-3 hours should deliver results.

Other good Western herbs are:
Cleavers(Galium Aperine)
Knotweed (polygonum Avicular)
Marshmallow Rt.(Althea)-soothing to inflamed muccous membranes.

TCM approach to Chronic Urinary infections

Chronic Urinary infections in Chinese Medicine are seen as “Damp Heat”. An overload of fluids, stagnation, inflamation, and even invasion by Foreign Bad-Guys like Fungus, bacteria, virus!

Typical symptoms are Chronic Urinary Infections, Chronic Abdominal Bloating, Systemic Yeast, Fungus, Chronic Bowel Problems,herpes,Vulvitis, Vestibulitis,Hemmorhoids, lowered Immunity, and other nasty conditions.

Herbal treatment can be very effective, especially when taken for a few months to clear up the tendency altogether.

Here’s a TCM formula that is highly effective for “Damp Heat”. This includes all of the afflictions mentioned above.

TCM-“Damp Heat”Chronic Urinary infections
Equal parts of:
BanLanGen(Isatis Rt.)
JinYinHua(Lonicera buds)
FuLing(Poria mushroom)
MuDanPi(Moutan Bark)

Tincture this and take 3 X day when ready. These herbs are very bitter. You can also order them in Powders and put them your self into capsules. Then take 2- 000 Largest)size 3X day!

Aliza Adar LevineRNMH is a Nurse,Midwife,TCM Herbalist,and Medical Researcher for over 20 years. Learn how to make your own herb tinctures absolutely Free at Learn about more health issues at