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Bodybuilding – Bodybuilding For Hardgainers

When it comes to bodybuilding for hardgainers, one word comes to mind…soft! That’s right soft! Hardgainers may be less fortunate to have a slow developing body, however there is nothing stopping them from putting on a substantial amount of muscle. By the way, I’m classified as being a hardgainer too, but I didn’t let that identity stop me from putting on 22 pounds of muscle in just 3 months!


Pull your head together and start training like a man! You’re never going to get huge by training like a girl and lifting petty little weights that were meant for grandma’s to lift! When it comes to training for hardgainers, you have to lift heavy weights with low repetition sets. That’s the only way you’re ever going to shock your body into believing it has to change in order to counter the severe pain it is being put under.

Another thing I notice in a lot of hardgainers is they just don’t train their legs enough. I know, I know it’s very painful, but guess what? Pain is the name of this game and if you can’t hack it then you don’t deserve to get massive and look great! Stop complaining about how much it hurts to train your legs and just do them! They have the capacity to release a large percentage of your bodies natural growth hormones, intern allowing your body to grow.


When it comes to diet, this is where hardgainers struggle, I know I’ve been there. Most of us find it incredibly difficult to fit the required amount of food into our bellies throughout the day. For you to get big, you’re going to have to get past this hurdle and it will require at least a month’s worth of constant nausea.

You wake up, you eat 4 eggs on toast and a large bowl of muesli. Two hours later, have a protein shake and a banana sandwich. For lunch eat half a cup of rice with at least 300g of pure chicken breast. Three hours later, another protein shake after training and maybe some left over lunch if you have any.

For supper, stuff yourself with a huge meal and try to get at least 50g of protein from a steak, chicken or fish. After supper 2 hours later, eat another meal high in protein and low in carbs. This meal will be used supply your muscles with the necessary nutrients it will need when recovering that night as you go to bed.

Guess what? That’s not enough food to allow your body to make huge gains, but it will get you started! For a month you’ll hate it, but then something happens, you start to get hungry again. This is the time when you add another meal to your daily diet. If you continue this for 3 months, with a hard training regime, you will put on weight, that I’m certain of!

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