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Boney M Dead

At 61 yrs . old, he has been located in his bed. Many of always be dancing on “Daddy Cool”, “Sunny”, “Ma Baker”, “Rasputin” or maybe “Rivers Of Babylon” future: re-discover the band’s exceptionnal livelihood!

According to AFP Bobby Farrell the male singer of your disco band Boney M, died today in Saint. Petersburg, Russia, where he this they was on tour. He was 61. “He is found in his understructure, but the cause regarding his death isn’t regarded yet” his agent Steve Seine said. Managed by means of German producer Frank Farian, the 70’s band returned during spring 2009 using a new single, a tribute to that President of the current Usa. The music group covered their hit via 1980, “Felicidad (Margherita)”, renamed “Felicidad United states.

This death comes once Bobby Hebb’s death, who was the composer of “Sunny” (he deceased at 72 of cancer, in August). Boney M covered it in 1976, like a disco hit.

The 4 original members have been Liz Mitchell, Maizie Williams, Bobby Farrell & Marcia Barrett coming from 1976 to 1985. Reggie Tsiboe signed up with them from 1982 that will 1985. The band split, creating their own Boney M bands with backing vocalists, everywhere in the world. Bobby Farrell was chosen as a dancer, considering that the real voice was executed by Frank Farian their self! Even, Maizie Williams has never sung any song. Many of the songs have been sung just by Liz Mitchell & Frank Farian, with Marcia Barrett being a backing vocalist. The image of Boney M with 3 girls & their voodoo master contributed into the band’s success, but their orchestration became fine & the group of musicians got hits in Eu with “Daddy Cool” through 1976, “Sunny” & “Ma Baker” around 1977 & their cover on the Melodians’ reggae song “Rivers With Babylon” in 1978, the third most sold single in the united kingdom. After “Rasputin” in 1978 & their cover on the Creations’ “Painter Man” throughout 1979, the band’s latest hits have been completely “Hooray! Hooray! It’s AN IMPORTANT Holi-Holiday”, “Gotta Go Home” & “El Lute” through 1979 & “Kalimba De Luna” (N?6 during 1985). Boney M came back to single charts because of their “Megamix” in 1989.

The band has marketed 150 million records all around the world, got 42 jewelry discs, 50 platinum disks & 50 diamond discs.

Written by Eduard Aldridge

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