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Book Your Lab Tests Online : Make Your Smartphone Smarter

Smartphones have become an indispensable part of our lives and we really can barely survive a day without (this is what we have convinced to ourselves). The use of mobile phones is no longer limited to make and receive calls or text messages. Now we use these little devices to make online payments, shopping, listening to music, watching videos, reading, and fitness. We have a plethora of apps and websites to choose for every single domain be it shopping, beauty, banking, or healthcare.

The digitization of healthcare has revolutionized the lives of urban people. The healthcare applications have become the helping hands for people with busy lifestyles. There are various mobile healthcare applications available in the digital market but a recently emerged app is taking the nation by storm. HeyCare, a mobile healthcare app is launched in Delhi and NCR region and it has been serving its customers with the best healthcare service. Developed by Crocky Technologies, a Gurgaon-based firm, the app is helping people to control their health related issues in just a few taps over their smartphones.

Talking about the prodigious features, HeyCare has following to serve its customers better:

  • Book Lab Tests Online : The majority of our elderly population is suffering from conditions including thyroid and diabetes. These are just two of the many common ailments that have parasite our middle-aged and elderly people. These ailments need frequent monitoring that is done using blood tests. Most of the examinations also demand a fasting condition to perform the tests which is why we need to perform them early in the mornings. It becomes really difficult for elderly and working people to stand in long queues to provide the blood sample. To eliminate this hassle, HeyCare brings to you the freedom of online healthcare using which you can book lab test online. Post that, on your request, a concerned person may also come to your home or workplace to collect the sample and get the procedure done.
  • Order Medicine Online : Spending long hours at work and travelling, most urban people get very little time to remember chores like buying medicines and wellness products. With HeyCare, people can now order prescribed medicines, OTC (Over the Counter) medicines, and wellness products in just a few taps on the phone. The app guarantees timely delivery by certified pharmacist who also acknowledges people about the dosage and cautions to be taken while taking the medicines. The app has made the doorstep delivery of medicines fast and easy.
  • Care Wallet : Battling over currency change and the exact amount of money have become a passé. With HeyCare’s Care Wallet features, customers can now pay online for all their orders and lab bookings. All we need to do is to recharge the Care Wallet with the suitable amount and it gets deducted once the orders are delivered to your doorstep. Another great benefit of making transactions through Care Wallet is that it provides a massive savings of up to 30% on each recharge.
  • Pill Reminder : Many times we forget to follow our prescribed medicine dosages and end up feeling more sick or guilty. Many people also try to take a double dose of medicines which may prove to be fatal. To avoid all these mishaps, HeyCare introduces Pill Reminder feature to help its users take all their medicines on time.
  • Vaccination Reminder : We all need to get a few shots to battle the lethal diseases and disorders in our life. Most of these vaccinations are taken during the initial ages of a person. Especially, infants are more prone to infections and diseases which is why there are some specific vaccinations that an infant need to get in the initial phase of his life. To help parents remind of the vaccination schedules of their babies 2-3 days prior to the schedule, HeyCare’s makes the best Vaccination Reminder App. By using this feature, one can never miss the important days of vaccination for their babies, elderly, or themselves.

HeyCare developers study the needs of all generations and strive to add more features to the app in coming time. The app has sorted out the lives of various people when it comes to healthcare. It is available to download for free on Google Play Store for android devices, and App Store for iOS devices. For more details and download links, log into