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Book Tickets Through Italian Vacation Packages

Italy is one of many destinations where people dream of visiting one day. There are many reasons to consider why it is recommended looking for a great deal when booking Italian vacation packages. For a country such as Italy, there are many things to explore such as the rich culture, the beautiful art and its ancient historical sites, thus attracting tourists from all over the world.

It is best to start off with the city capital of Rome which is filled with art, culture and history combined. After the demise of the Roman Empire, you can still see today the remnants of what was left of that time. One of the most popular sites in Rome is the Coliseum, which is strongly advised to visit and catch a glimpse of the massive structure. If you spend a few nights in Rome, take the opportunity to visit some art museums, visit the chapels to see the frescoes, and eat at the local restaurants. You should also visit and see the Vatican City as well and take a walk in the St. Peters square.

The next city which is an advantage to see is the romantic floating city of Venice, surrounded, mostly by water. You can take a tour on the gondolas along the canal and enjoy the sunset. Venice is known for its romantic scenery and ancient architecture that surrounds the canals.

After cruising down the canal, take a walk in the narrow streets, visit the Doges palace and explore as well as the San Marco cathedral to look at the Byzantine mosaics. Venice is also famous for its glass art and as part of the trip; you may visit one of the glass factories.

To check out the latest style in fashion, you should head to Milan, the fashion capital. This city is home to the biggest fashion houses in the world. It is combined with ancient architecture and modernism of the city.

If you want to tour the countryside, the picturesque landscape of Tuscany is a great option for you. You can immerse yourself in the splendors of its nature by touring its hills and valleys by bicycle or by foot. It is the best place for romantic getaways. While travelling the region, there are two of its most famous cities that you should visit on the way.

The city of Florence is famous for its art and culture. It is the city where the renaissance culture was born and later flourished. Visit the chapels and museums to learn about the art its history and architecture. You must also visit Pisa to catch a glimpse of the famous leaning tower.

During your excursion in Italy, you may not have time to travel to all these places as there are so many places to see. Therefore, it is required to spend only three to four days in every city or region in order to explore the most of what Italy can offer. Most importantly you should try the good food and the art and culture.

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