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Breaking The Ice On A First Date

There is nothing worse than being on a first date and finding that neither of you knows how to get the conversation going. Just because you can’t seem to find something to talk about doesn’t mean that there isn’t a spark between the two of you, it just means that you are both nervous! Instead of having another date of awkward silent moments, learn how to break the ice, taking things into your own hands.

To get things started you can talk about how excited you were to meet the person and go out. This will allow both of you to open up about your excitement and nerves so you can get over the nerves and perhaps get the conversation rolling and make a great date out of a rough start. This is usually a great way to break the ice.

You can also use the typical conversation starters to break the ice. Ask your date what they do for a living, what their hobbies are, or if they have been at the restaurant or venue that you are currently at before. You can then share your information on these topics and you may find that conversation simply continues from here as you each share little tidbits of information about one another along the way.

Share a joke or a funny experience. Be sure that it is a relatively clean joke, just so you don’t start off the date by offending someone. Be sure that it is something that is quite funny as there is nothing worse than telling your date a joke that they won’t laugh at. What do you do then? Jokes and funny experiences often get you both laughing and the nerves will go right out the window.

Take a deep breath! We often come to a first date with really huge expectations. If you feel that the tension and the expectations are just too much to bear take a deep breath and remember that you have nothing to lose by being on the date. If your date also seems to be tense, tell them to relax to, and to concentrate on having fun instead of worrying about how the date is going. This will often allow you to both sort of change gears and remember that dating is supposed to be fun!

If all else fails, bring up how the two of you met. Recount this meeting together. If you are on a blind date share experiences about the person that you have in common. This is yet another way to get conversation started that will lead to more and more conversation, and before you know it you will be having a good time and those uncomfortable moments will be long forgotten.

Rodrigo Rehn is a Relationships Expert, Linux Systems Administrator, Web Programmer, PHP Developer and CEO of FaceRomance dating advice for singles.