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Bubble Tea Recipe…drink that is fun to eat

Bubble Tea is drink that is fun to eat also. It is not a plain looking tea which we usually drink but it is a mixture of huge variety of flavors. It consists of milk, mix of tea, giant tapioca balls and sugar. The bubbles are actually in the foamy appearance, formed by shaking of freshly brewed tea with ice. This tea was originated from Taiwan but now has moved beyond its roots. So anyone can enjoy it easily. The color of tea would be green, pink or even yellow. Pearls are chewy, soft but heavier so they stay in the bottom. You can also make it at your home. The preparation time is 5 minutes and cooking time is 30 minutes.


In order to make bubble tea, you will need following ingredients.

• 1 pack of tapioca pearls (these are especially made for bubble tea)

• Crushed ice cubes

• Regular red rose tea or strong chilled black tea

• Natural syrup, of any variety such as maple syrup

• Ripe mango

• 1 cup of milk/cream

• Honey/sugar

• Bubble tea straws

Some Tips on Ingredients

• The green, black, or multi colored tapioca pearls are found good to use. These are easily available. Regular tapioca pearls usually disappoint, because they fall apart during cooking or when cooked. You can make tapioca pearls at home as well.

• You can store them and also use them within 2-3 days of storage.

• Use either milk or tea in order to make your bubble tea creamy.

• Tea should be placed in refrigerator to cool and steep.

Preparation of Bubble tea

Put the pearls in a large parfait glass or jag. Put all ingredients one by one. Now put them in cocktail shaker and mix them and then shake all mixture vigorously until you see froth in the mixture or you find it frothy. You can also add a scoop of vanilla or mango ice cream or any ice cream flavor into it. You can now cool it because it is now prepared and ready to be cooled. Pour it into the glass. You can now serve it with bubble tea straw. One glass contains 16 ounce of drink.

Cook Tapioca Pearls at Home


? 5 to 7 cups of water

? 1 cup of tapioca pearls

Boil the water along with tapioca in a large pot on high heat. Now stir very slowly in order to cook pearls perfectly because they can stick to each other while cooking. When 1 minute is passed, you will see floating of the pearls. Now you minimize the heat and it should be medium. Let the whole mixture of water and pearls to boil for approximately 15 minutes. Now turn the heat off. Tapioca should be covered and remained in this state for more 15 minutes. After these 15 minutes remove the pearls and rinse them and you need to rinse them with cold water. Now drain them. Tapioca pearls are ready to be used in making bubble tea.

bubble tea recipe is drink that is certainly fun. Get order your tea today and enjoy the drink.