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Business and Predictive Analytics Training for Professionals

Aryng (A-ring), a San Francisco based analytics training company, has announced its first public analytics training workshop in the Bay Area for business and analytics professionals. This unique, 3-day analytics workshop, February 22–24, 2012, hosted at the luxurious Grand Hyatt in San Francisco, is for any professional wanting to learn analytics to make better decisions based on data. The workshop is divided into two parts: Hands-on Business Analytics Training and Introduction to Predictive Analytics Training.

In the first day of Business Analytics training, the participants acquire a complete understanding of Aryng’s Five-step Analytics Framework. They learn not only the technical aspects of how to derive insights from data, but also learn the softer skills of influencing, consensus-building, and communication to turn those insights into decisions. The five-step framework is brought home by using examples, exercises, and role-playing. The second day of Business Analytics Training, gives the participants an opportunity to test the techniques they have learned by solving a business case with their group. The group starts with a business problem, does analysis, and finishes with an executive presentation laden with powerful insights and actionable recommendations. This training is a unique and fun way to learn analytics in that participants are not required to have any technical or statistical background, but just curiosity and a desire to make decisions based on data.

The third day starts with Predictive Analytics training, where participants are first introduced to the fundamental concepts of test and learn, followed by an introduction to predictive analytics. The workshop covers the concepts behind the key predictive analytics techniques: Logistic Regression, Linear Regression, and Decision Tree, followed by case studies from Fortune 100 companies where predictive analytics helped drive bottom-line decisions and revenue. The Predictive Analytics Training also covers when to do predictive analytics versus when not to, additional training and self-learning resources, and finishes with a live demo of how to build a predictive model.

This 3-day analytics training workshop not only serves as a complete refresher for any seasoned analyst, but also as a great primer for business professionals new to analytics with a desire to learn analytics. This is a one-of-its-kind analytics training workshop, where seasoned analytics professionals from Fortune 100 companies like PayPal, Capital One, Adobe, and HSBC have come together and packaged the essentials of their analytics careers. This trove of knowledge is presented in a simple, hands-on manner, so that nontechnical professionals from Marketing, Sales, Operations, Product, and Finance can learn the key aspects of analytics alongside Analyst and Business Intelligence professionals in a short, 3-day time period. The chief instructor is Piyanka Jain, CEO of Aryng, former Head of Business Analytics at PayPal NA, an established analytics thought leader and acclaimed keynote speaker at business and analytics conferences.

Learn how Fortune 500 companies like Google, Apple, Microsoft, and others have improved their decision-making process after attending Aryng’s analytics training. Sign up today for this unique, 3-day Business Analytics Training and Predictive Analytics Training! Learn, enjoy beautiful San Francisco, and go back with confidence to your organization skilled in leveraging data to drive decisions.

Piyanka Jain, CEO of Aryng, former Head of Business Analytics at PayPal NA, is an established analytics thought leader and acclaimed keynote speaker at business and analytics conferences. For more information about Aryng, go to