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Business Opportunities from Blogging

Have you been told that you should start a company blog? If so, how did you react to the suggestion? Blogging has become a popular tool through which companies can get to know their prospective customers and engage their existing clients. With all of the new content that blogs offer, they are also an integral part of many companies SEO strategy. However that doesn’t mean that they are for you.

There will always be new and exciting ways to market your business. Smart companies are careful about which ones they choose to use. First you should think about who uses these platforms. Does the audience you’re trying to target? Then think about how much time and personel you have to really commit to a marketing platform. If you know you’ll never keep it up then don’t start in the first place. Just because a new social media platform emerged and everyone is talking about it, it doesn’t mean that you have to sign up. When it comes to the world of free internet marketing, less is often more.

Having said that blogs are a great way to build your business. How, you ask. Here are a few of the ways:

1. Blogs can increase your visibility:

There are many search engine optimisation opportunities when it comes to blogs. Authors can embed keywords into blog titles, tags, content, categories and URLs. Moreover, search engines like new content and blogs offer just that.

2. Blogs can gain you credibility in your field:

There’s no point in having an expertise if no one knows you have it. Blogs are the perfect way to showcase what you know and how tuned in you are within your industry, in an informal and conversational way. If readers know that when they visit your blog they will find links to the best editorial coverage, never-before-seen footage, great interviews and entertaining content, they will come back. More than that, they will tell their friends.

3. Blogs can win you new business:

People like doing business with companies they feel they know and can trust. It’s difficult to generate a feeling of confidence from a website, but by offering a window into your company and the staff who make it up you can do just that. Answer readers questions, make them laugh and provide them with useful information and you will be the very resource they are looking for. When they are looking for the type of product or service you offer, they are sure to contact you to provide it to them.

If you have the time to write a blog and useful information to share then start one. Blogs offer companies the chance to really connect with and build trust amongst their readers.

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