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Buying a Stairlift or Moving Home?

Thinking of moving home instead of buying a stairlift? Well hold it right there! The costs of moving home are outrageous compared to that of buying a stairlift and a stairlift can help you stay where you are, in the home you love and enjoy. Just take for example Estate Agency Fees they used to charge 1% and now they have put their fees up to 2% this is outrageous in itself a wage increase of 100%, as thousands of pounds have to be laid out just in their fees alone. Then you have all the other additional costs such as solicitors, Stamp Duty it can be a very expensive affair indeed. Now a stairlift on the other hand offers a very cost effective solution.

What about all the Fuss and Mess installing a stairlift

Well can i say the installation of a stairlift can be an absolute breeze if you chose the right model and company to work with, first of all you will be visited by a friendly yet informative surveyor who will take all the complicated measurements of your staircase, and explain to you the best stairlift to suit your particular needs. They will leave you with a quotation so you know the exact cost of your stairlift and you can decide the best way forward for you. If the staircase has no bends in it, it will be classed as a straight lift and will be less expensive, but if your staircase bends in any way then a stairlift will have to taylor-made to fit, these can be a little more expensive as with anything that has to be taylor-made, but worth it.

The stairlift will be installed within a matter of hours and with the minimum amount of fuss, infact you will not even know they have been. The stairlift fits directly onto your staircase and not onto the wall so do not worry about your decorations as these will not be disturbed.

The stairlift will then be demonstrated so the user is confident, but they are so simple, chair into postion, seatbelt on, press your lever – up for up – down for down. It’s that simple!

The freedom and independence the stairlift will give you will amaze you and i am sure you will be happy with the stairlift for years to come. The main thing we hear our clients say is i wish i had bought one years ago. So if you feel a stairlift could be just what you or a relative need get in contact with us and i am sure you will be impressed with the speed and efficiency of our service.
Internal and External Stairlifts

Did you know you can get both internal and external stairlifts, both very similar in nature but the external stairlift has been built to within stand weather and has a wonderful waterproof cover to keep it dry as well.

If you need help getting in and out of your home then you may need the help of an External Stairlift. When you moved into your home with a steep incline you may not have realised in years to come that this can be a major obstacle for us staying in our home and keeping our independence. And if you did not know that there was such a thing as an external stairlift then you may have considered moving and keep living in the safety and comfort of your own home.

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