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Camera Accessories: Filters and Camera Lenses for Outdoor Use

When it comes to taking pictures, you can’t use the same lens and the same filter for every situation. It just doesn’t capture the moment as well. Every type of photo can be enhanced depending on what camera accessories you use.

When it comes to outdoor photography and camera accessories, one of the most important filters you can pick up is a polarizer. It will make blue skies look brighter and removes reflections from glass and water. That’s basic knowledge most photographers know, but it does a lot for your outdoor photos. Even on an overcast day it can have great affect, so don’t put your camera away just because the sun disappeared. While an overcast day naturally dulls the colors of leaves and stones, your polarizer will intensify them, making them look like it’s bright and sunny even when it isn’t. They are a very easy camera accessory to use, all you do is attach it to your lens and rotate it until you get the effect you want.

There are two types of polarizers to choose, circular and linear. Both give the same result but do so by different means. Usually manual focus cameras work better with linear polarizers, and auto focus cameras need circular polarizers.

Grad filters are another camera accessories that are necessary, but more complicated than polarizers. Grad filters let the sky in your picture retain proper detail. You may see a beautiful sun set but the picture you are taking makes the sky look washed out. Essentially, the grad filter will make the image appear how you see it with your naked eye.

Warming filters are another option for shooting in the shade, during overcast skies or at dusk. Warming filters will give more neutral colors for film cameras that can’t auto adjust the white balance. Other popular filters to use outdoors are color enhancing and color correcting filters. They do exactly as they are named and are great additions to your camera lenses and accessories collection.

When it comes to picking up the right camera and optics for outdoor use, make sure you find out all the specs of your camera so you know all the right questions to ask. You want to make sure you are picking up everything you need when it comes to your camera and optics. The best camera lenses and filters are important for those amazing outdoor shots!

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