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Can Colonics Help with More Than Constipation?

It’s not necessarily a topic many people want to discuss, but considering the benefits, it’s one many should consider. Colon cleansing is a fairly simple procedure that results in the cleaning out of the lower
intestines of the waste and gunk that tends to back them up. The end result can be attained from a number of different treatments, too, giving those who seek the benefits a few options. The premise is simple: When the intestines are in good working order, the rest of the body generally is, too.

The concept behind colonics is nothing but logic. The lower intestines are designed to help the body flush out its wastes. When they get backed up and junky from years of use, they may not work as intended. This means the wastes might stay in the system longer than they should and they might in essence poison the body as they do so. Since human waste is in fact poison or at least materials the body cannot use, a good working lower intestine is important.

Colonic procedures basically involve the flushing out of the colon on occasion. This helps remove agents that back up the system and can cause problems for a person. When regular cleansing is included in a person’s health routine, the walls of the colon are cleaned out of any wastes that can back up the system and help eliminate such uncomfortable problems as bloating and constipation.

Colonic procedures range from those that involve actual medical treatments to do at home procedures that result in similar benefits. The overall benefits for colonics include:

* Reduction of constipation. By removing blockage, the procedure frees up the person who is suffering from constipation and can help the entire system work more freely.

* Weight loss. The colon is a pretty large organ. When all its undigested waste material is removed, a person can find they’ve lost several pounds.

* Better function of the intestines. When the wastes that back up the system are removed, the entire body tends to work better.

* Cleaner skin. This benefit tends to show up in some cases. Basically the removal of wastes from the system can result in a whole host of benefits for other parts of the body. When the body’s not busy dealing with waste blockage, it’s more free to properly cleanse the rest of itself.

With benefits that are great, more and more people are turning to colon cleansing for better overall health. There are a number of different options available that have benefits for their users. These include hydrotherapy, fasting, laxatives and even nutritional supplements that are meant to help cleanse the system.

No matter the route chosen, however, colon cleansing is a procedure that makes sense. If the body’s waste removal system isn’t in good working order, the rest of the body can and generally does suffer. All it takes to make this clear is an understanding of the pains involved in constipation.

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