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Can Having A Pet Really Help Improve Your Health?

Recently I’ve been considering the amazing benefits I’ve been experiencing since we’ve been acquired by our precious black and white Lhasa Apso pup. I’ve often wondered about pet owners and the sometimes apparent bond they have with their pets. Personally I’ve been a cat person most of my life probably because they are relatively low maintenance, but this puppy has given me a new perspective on pets. I’ve frequently heard that pet owners are more healthy and able to cope with stress in their lives. Could there be some truth to that?

We’ve had Maiaa Black Majik now for about 3 years and I have to admit she is an absolute joy and treasure. As I come home from work and open the door she is there waiting to greet me, tail a-wagging, 15 pounds of pure love and happiness. I’ve noticed my need for decompression has dramatically decreased since she has been with us.

There is something to be said for a cold nose snuggling up to me while I’m engrossed in one or another type of panic. She seems to have a natural way of letting my stress melt away. This little bundle of delight is pure unconditional love. Sure there is the occasional growl when I play tug of war with her. But that never lasts for more than a few seconds. One thing about pets is that regardless of our mood, while they may pick up on it, they do not seem to hold grudges, or bite you because you forgot to feed them the day before. They are truly in the present moment and take what comes their way in stride.

I suspect that if Roget’s Thesaurus wrote it right, synonyms for unconditional love would be: puppy, puppy licks, puppy snuggles, puppy tail wagging and jumping for joy. If I could be in the moment and the NOW for a fraction of the time Maiaa is, I’d be much more relaxed, less stressed, a lot healthier and a lot happier.

Now you may be thinking that’s all fine and good, but pets are high maintenance. You are correct, they are maintenance, and the question of how much is one we can debate. It is like with anything else in life, there is a price to pay. The ultimate question is whether or not the price is worth it. And in this case my personal opinion is that it is definitely worth it. Have you noticed Assisted Living Homes, or Nursing Homes are starting to allow visitors with pets. They have found that the older people enjoy the company of the pets, and actually have a spurt of energy when the pets are around.

I’ve often heard that laughter is the best medicine. If you have been around a playful puppy much you already know that they can make you giggle in a heartbeat. It’s the little things that make a big difference. A little love truly goes a long way. So if you want to get healthier, add a spring to your step and cut down on the everyday stresses life tends to bring our way, think about getting a pet. The decision is ultimately yours, and you will need to weigh your personal situation – no doubt. Please consider the upside and make your decision from there.

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