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Can You Afford Not To Train?

Copyright (c) 2011 Sue Richardson

As an employer, it may be that taking the time and the money to offer your employees further legal training seems like an unnecessary drain on valuable resources. However, an investment of this sort can not only save you long-term expense in what is, undoubtedly, a difficult economic climate, but it can also increase your profits.

Recruitment Costs.

Recruitment costs can create a barrier between employers and the staff they want to employ. Currently, it is not unusual to expect to pay around £6,000 just in recruitment costs to acquire a junior solicitor. In times of economic boom, this fee can increase to around £15,000. However, it is important to consider just why you need to recruit, especially at a time when time and money are possibly the two most important factors in your business. Generally, the best reason to recruit is for expansion. However, currently the most prominent reason is due to vacancies. Giving your existing staff additional personal injury training can not only help you to retrain and retain valuable staff, but it can also increase their productivity and knowledge. This in turn increases your client base and the number of cases your firm can take on.

Employee loyalty is vital to reducing the cost of recruitment. The fewer staff that move on, the less you will have to spend on recruitment. Investing in further personal injury training tells your staff that they are valued company assets. It suggests to them that their worth is such that you are prepared to invest in them and see that their careers fulfill their potential life spans. In addition, additional legal training will give your staff new skills and knowledge with which to increase their rate of success. A team that is happy and secure in its skills set is far less likely to leave than employees who are left to fend for themselves or seek out personal injury training independently.

Customer Satisfaction.

In addition to creating a team that feels valued, you will also be instrumental in increasing your clients’ satisfaction. The current economic climate also has a profound effect on those looking to hire personal injury lawyers; they want to know that they are spending their money wisely. Firms with a low staff turnover and high success rate are immediately more attractive than those with constantly changing staff and average rates of success. Investing in additional legal training not only lets potential clients know that your firm is committed to understanding each avenue of the Law, but also improves the service that you give them. Word of mouth is still the most tried and trusted method of garnering new clients, so the more satisfaction you can give existing ones, the more new ones you are likely to attain.

In addition, a team with a refreshed set of skills and a new appreciation of the Law will act as a resource for itself. Team members will come to depend on each other more and build professional bonds that are likely to last, reducing their desires to ‘jump ship’.

In the short term, additional personal injury training may appear expensive. But in the long-term it is something you simply cannot afford not to invest in.

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