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Can You Lose a Contact Lens In Your Eye?

One of the fears that many people have when they first think of wearing contact lenses is that the tiny lens itself may get lost inside their eye. Horrific thoughts may flash in your mind as you envision the contact lens becoming dislodged from its resting place on your cornea and sliding back behind your eyeball, never to be seen again. While that type of scenario is usually enough to make any contact lens wearer uneasy, it isn’t actually possible for it to shift behind your eyeball.

On the inside of your eyelids is a moist and thin lining known as the conjunctiva. The conjunctiva actually folds backwards to become the outer covering of the white of your eyeball at the back of your eyelid. The conjunctiva extends continuously from your eyelids to your eyeballs, which means a contact lens couldn’t get stuck behind your eyeball, because the lining would prevent it from happening.

That being said, it is possible for a contact lens to shift from its spot on your cornea and move around the surface of your eyeball. If you rub your eyes a little too vigorously, or get knocked in the eye somehow, the contact lens could fold in half and move off your cornea. Sometimes, your contacts that have become dislodged may shift up and under your eyelid. This will give the appearance that it has disappeared entirely, but it is still possible to get it back. If you lose a contact lens under your eyelid it will usually feel as though you have something in your eye. If you get this sensation and the contact lens is no longer where it is supposed to be, try applying some contact lens rewetting drops into your eye. Close your eye and massage your eyelid gently for several seconds. Most of the time, the contact lens will shift down from under the eyelid to a spot where you can see it and remove it from your eye. You may have to soak contact lenses in solution for a few seconds and rub them a little if they stay folded in half even after you have solved the issue.

If you attempt the massage and rewetting technique and you still can’t locate your contact lens, gently turning your eyelid inside out will certainly find it. Most people don’t think of such things when they sign on to wear acuvue advance contacts, but the process is relatively simple and painless. If you position a cotton swab across the outside of your eyelid horizontally, then look down and grasp your eyelashes, it’s usually possible to flip your eyelid up quite easily. Just tilt your head back a little and watch for the contact lens with your other eye.

If you’ve lost a contact lens in your eye and can’t seem to get it out with either technique, you may want to ask a friend or family member for help or give your eye doctor a call for advice.

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