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Can You Not Read The Billboards Without Glasses?

Many of us suffer from the problem of being unable to read things at a distance. Medically such a condition would be termed as myopia. The only option till recently was to wear glasses. The worse your eyes were, the thicker your glasses got. But those days are over now. You now have the option to rectify the condition and see things normally without the aid of glasses and contact lens.

So are you interested to learn more about lasik? Here is a gist of what it is.

Eye surgery is an abbreviation of Laser Assisted in Situ Keratomileusis. One of the various refractive eye surgeries available today has gained immense popularity after it was approved by the FDA. The main reason for the popularity of this is that it has been successful in over 95% cases with amazing results.

Apart from myopia operation is also effective in cases of hyperopia and astigmatism. Hyperopia, also known as farsightedness, is the other way round. Astigmatism is something different where the patient has irregularities in his cornea which as a result distorts the image formed on the retina of the eye.

There are a few basic things that any optometrist will look for before a surgery. That would primarily include your eye health history. In case of a particular few diseases the chances of you undergoing a eye surgery will significantly decrease. These would include glaucoma, herpes, eye injuries or thin corneas. Any of these conditions can disqualify you as a suitable candidate for this eye surgery. Another important criterion is whether there has been an alteration in your eye wear prescription over the last year. Before a operation your eyes should be steady. If they are not then the optometrist might just postpone the surgery for a few months until he is satisfied that your eyes are ready to undergo that surgery.

The average cost for the operation of each eye is about $1,800. Of course this will vary according to the surgeon and the kind of procedure being employed. But still the average cost is a bit steep and it might be difficult for many to fund the cost of such an operation at one go. Thankfully, there are options available which a patient can utilize if it’s difficult for him to pay that amount at one go. And this can be done without compromising on the quality of the operation.

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