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Canon SX10 Powershot: Feature Packed But Simple To Use

If you are in the market to buy a compact digital camera you need to take a look at the Canon SX10 Powershot. This camera has the very latest technology, and provides a wide range of features that you would be lucky to find on more expensive models.

However this does not mean that the camera is unnecessarily complicated to use, because it isn’t. You will take to this camera just as easily whatever you experience, whether you are a novice photographer or an old hand.

It is possible for any photographer to produce fantastic photos time and time again, even in the most difficult of circumstances, many thanks to the many features that the Canon SX10 Powershot has on-board. An image taken with the camera can be enlarged to 13 inches by 19 inches without any noticeable loss in picture quality, this is thanks to a 10 megapixel resolution, which provides great editing and printing capabilities.

The camera also has a 20x wide-angle (28mm, f/2.8) optical zoom lens. The optic image stabilizer is an essential feature when taking photos with such a long 20x optical zoom lens, as it helps to reduce the possible effects of camera shake.

The Canon SX10 Powershot has a zoom lens which is almost silent in operation, being powered by a fast, accurate, and very quiet motor. This is very important so as not to be noticeable when the camera is being used in video recording mode. What you don’t really want is for the noise of the zoom motor to be noticeable on playback when viewing movies, especially during any quieter moments.

The camera’s 2.5 inch LCD viewing screen with a variable angle tilt and swivel and a glare-resistant coating, which allows for viewing in any lighting conditions and at a variety of different angles. This is a real advantage when trying to take a movie or a photograph in a crowd as you can hold the camera high in the air above the heads of the people around you, and then swivel the screen downwards so you can see the action.

This is a fantastic feature for taking photos or video footage very close to the ground, for instance pets or small children, as it allows you to swivel the viewing screen upwards to enable you to hold the camera down low to the ground without actually having to get down on the floor yourself. A very big advantage when you reach my age!

The camera features a DIGIC 4 image processor, which offers high-performance face detection and motion detection. The camera’s face detection facility also includes a useful self-timer, which recognises when your additional face is included in the shot and then takes the photo. Intelligent contrast correction and red-eye reduction features both help you to take better photographs.

The Canon SX10 Powershot also has a mode specially for the taking of video footage, and this makes it very easy to take the perfect movie. Standard SD or SDHC photo memory cards are used to store the images on, these can be removed from the camera and inserted directly into most printers and computers to allow your photos to be easily transferred or printed.

What I really love about the Canon SX10 Powershot is that it is equally at home in the hands of an experienced photographer or a complete beginner. It can be operated in automatic mode which will help to take fantastic images without having to alter loads of different settings. You can, if you wish, make full use of the cameras many advanced features which are easily accessed via the intuitive on-screen menu.

So if you are looking for a high-quality digital camera that enables both a beginner to photography, or someone more experienced, to take great photos, you certainly need to take a look at the Canon SX10 Powershot. It incorporates some very advanced features for people that like to take advantage of this sort of thing, but at the same time it remains very simple to use for those that prefer things to be straightforward.

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