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Can’t Miss College Dating Tips

While all men have had their problems attracting the opposite sex, the demographic that might be hardest to target would be college age girls. These girls are on the cusp of womanhood, often at their peak when it comes to physical beauty, and they exude a confidence they never have before and likely never will again. All of this comes down strictly against the male trying to seduce and date a college girl. Not only are the men intimidated by their sheer intellect and beauty, but the girls themselves know they are intimidating, and have no qualms, by and large, about holding that against their potential mates. In the college world, they are the hunted, and men are the predators.

Fortunately, there are a number of ways men can hone and sharpen their hunting skills, so to speak, and by following a few simple rules and tips, can snag any college girl they so desire. It isn’t a matter of being the best looking guy, or having the most money, but simply a matter of bringing something to the table (or, at the very least, appearing to) the girl desires. Sometimes this is a matter of fabrication, sometimes a matter of illusion. But more often than not, it is finding that part of you that is unafraid of women, and presenting it with confidence and suavity.

One of the most important rules when trying to attract and date a college girl is: have something to say! But not only that, you must be interesting in what you say, in what you do, and in what she thinks you’re doing. College girls are easily subject to boredom. While you can’t treat them like your frat buddies and hope to get anywhere, there is something to be learned from how you interact with your friends. You aren’t trying to impress your friends at every turn. You’re simply behaving the way you want to behave. Guys either appreciate that or they don’t: either way, it’s no skin off your back. An element of this nonchalance is necessary when trying to date college girls.

On the other hand, it’s important to not allow your potential date to shove you into the friend category. You have to keep an element of mystery about yourself, and put out subtle signals that you are attracted to her. If this means saying one or two things that may seem mildly inappropriate, then do it. At least she’ll know, on some level, what your intentions are. Many guys make the mistake of going too far in the other direction, in order to seem safe. The trouble is, a girl will see you that way, and when you finally make your move, she’ll be apt to laugh in your face.

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