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Care and Maintenance of a Loving Wife

Research shows that married men have an increased life expectancy. You deserve to have those extra years of life with your wife to be the best. This article is about manifesting the best for both of you.

First we want to look at you. You have everything to do with what kind of wife you are going to be enjoying your life with. Take a look at all areas of your life, mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical. Where are you at in your balance of taking care of yourself in all of these areas? Make an inventory and see what you can do to make sure every aspect of your life is healthy and strong. Be the best husband and all around person you can be to help your wife become the best she can be too.

Look at ways you can encourage your wife to make it a top priority that she takes very good care of herself. Share information with her on what you do for yourself, and give her gifts of items that will help her with her own personal care efforts. Books on meditation, bath/spa items, massage, Reiki treatments, these are all great ideas that will help her feel her best. The better she feels, the better she will be able to offer to you.

Lets compare taking good care of your wife to your yard if you have one. When you water the grass, use fertilizer, weed killer, mow it on a timely basis, you will have a lush green beautiful yard that is a pleasure to spend time in. If you don’t care for it, what is it? It becomes just a yard, maybe with patches of weeds or spots where nothing is growing at all, just a brown, bare, spots. Not so pleasurable is it? It might even become an embarrassment for you. It’s all a case of getting what you paid for in the amount of effort you are willing to put forth.

This is the same in caring for your wife. It stands to reason, if you take good care of her, she will be a pleasure to you. Women need nurturing to be able to open up and nurture back properly. They need to trust you and know that you are there for them, not just as a figurehead of the family, but also as an active person within their day-to-day lives.

Marital sex nurtures every part of your being. A healthy sex life improves your marriage and your health! Helping your wife open up to her sexual side can be very beneficial for both of you, not to mention lots of fun! Talk with you wife about her fantasies if she’ll share them with you, and then do your best to make them all come true.

If your wife isn’t “in the mood” as much as either one of you might like, try to find out why and work to correct that with her. Perhaps her body is changing from getting older, or from children and she doesn’t feel as attractive as she used to be. Give her reassurance that you find her beautiful and encourage her to do things for herself to help her feel sexy. Be very careful to not criticize her for her appearance. Women are very hard on themselves in this area and any criticism from you will leave her feeling even less attractive. She definitely won’t feel like opening her body up to you for further scrutiny. Encourage her in positive ways for whatever she might be working on with her body and compliment her for efforts she does make, even the smallest of them.

Perhaps she’s just very busy and gets too tired! If you have kids, get a babysitter once a week to have a relaxing evening with each other, even if it’s just for a couple of hours. Take that time to just relax and remember each other without the children. Give her massages, nice baths, have the highest of reverence for her body; she will pay much more attention to yours in return.

If your wife works, pitch in with the domestic responsibilities. If you can afford it, have someone come in once a week for a few hours to help with the heavier cleaning and laundry. You might even know a high school student that would be willing to do this for a more modest cost. Saving your wife time and energy will help her have more time and energy to spend with you.

Make communicating a priority. Listen deeply to your wife, it honors her to feel understood and that you are interested in what she has to say. Simply listening without giving advice is usually best. Wait until she specifically asked for your suggestions so she doesn’t feel like you are trying to tell her what to do. Or, ask her first if she would like your advice. If she says no, then save it for some other time when she might be more receptive. Be clear on letting her know what you need and want from her too. Do it with kindness and patience and without putting blame on her if things are less than wonderful.

Make sure and appreciate the efforts your wife makes and tell her often. Let her know by simply telling her, or send her a special note or email. Give her little gifts when you can. Even if it’s a wildflower you pick outside and bring in, it’s the little things that count too! It’s important to feel needed and appreciated and your wife will learn to pay attention to more that you are doing so she can give appreciation to you too.

Make sure and really look at her too when you are communicating things with her. This shows her that she is worth your time and attentions. This will mean a lot to her.

Give your wife the benefit of a full loving experience. Let her see love by the things you do and how you take time to spend with her. Let her feel love by being affectionate, not just during romantic times. Let her hear love by telling her what she means to you. Then make sure you are open to receiving all of the ways she can show love to you.

I hope these ideas help you create a beautiful marriage for yourself and your wife. If you would like more ideas, or have a specific situation you would like more insight on, please email me at anytime. Remember, if you want to be the Esteemed King of the Castle; your wife is most assuredly your Queen! Treat her like one and watch to see the benefits you will gain!

Tracy Togliatti is a Holistic Practitioner and specializing in Energy Psychology and Reiki. She also offers a free advice service and free email Reiki lessons at