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Care and Maintenance of Door Ironmongery

When buying door ironmongery, make sure that the ironmongery maker and supplier have dipped the furniture in liquid paint, and have given the needed powder coating besides some curing and refinishing treatments.

Follow the DIY care and maintenance tips in the following lines to ensure you have superb product with the quality of the protective coat meant to resist forces of weather maintained for long and the furniture lasts for years to come.

Clean the black door furniture regularly taking a soft and dry cloth; wipe the superficial dust off the furniture to ensure it’s clean. Repeat doing this dusting at least twice a week.

The moving components of door furniture including the hinges, knockers, knobs, and latches, etc are subjected to excess friction due to rub action of them against other components, particularly during opening and closing actions of the doors. What happens with the friction is that the protective coating goes off pretty much quickly from the surfaces. And to prevent wear of the metal you need to oil them once in a while. Take some grease and put into the joints of the door furniture so to reduce the friction and help ease the movement of parts.

Chipping of the protective coat on the door furniture is another eventuality which needs to be addressed immediately. You can spot paint the chipped off portions using some enamel-based satin black paint to patch it up. But then, before you do the painting scrub off the surface and remove the chips off the portion of the furniture, clean the area and allow time for drying. Make sure you don’t go for glossy finish paint which can make the painted surface look explicit and dirty.

If you should spot rusting of your furniture, give the furniture some quick refinish:

First take off the rust by scouring.
Apply naval jelly coat on the surface.
Allow time for drying and clean the surface with some water.
Apply a polymer based rust converter on to the furniture.
Allow time for complete drying.
Take any paint and apply it with primer.

Failure to care and maintenance your door ironmongery could not last as much as your dealer promised it can.

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