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Catching Oregon Crappie When Fishing

In Oregon, crappie fishing is a great sport with abundant locations to troll and cast in hopes of taking home prize-winning sized slabs. Depending on the particular location that you are in or intend to visit, you’ll find all sorts of fish, though crappie are by far some of the most common fish to seek out in the state. In each area, you basically have your choice of excellent Oregon crappie fishing lakes. Just remember that, because it gets fairly cold in the state during the winter, Oregon crappie fishing tends to taper off in December and picks back up in early March, as the waters begin to warm again and crappie begin spawning. Find locations with deep holes, where schools of crappie tend to gather during the winter, and be sure to troll slowly and be patient. When you find a school of crappie, you’ll have several bites and won’t be disappointed. In the spring, look for bottlenecked areas where females are looking for shelter out of the stream during spawning season and get caught out of the flow. You’ll be sure to pick up several here.

In the Lane County area, fishing of interest because there are several lakes of interest, especially those containing white crappie. Head to the Eugene area, and you’ll find Delta Ponds, west of Delta Highway in north Eugene for a hatchery of white crappie. Oregon crappie fishing also thrives in several area reservoirs, including Dexter and Dorena Reservoirs. Here, you may have to troll pretty deep to pick up a school of crappie, since the area reservoirs tend to be clear and sunlight penetrates pretty deep into the waters. Dune Lake offers great banked fishing, where dense cover around the shorelines makes a great home environment for crappie. Fern Ridge Ponds and Reservoir to the west of Eugene yield great quantities of good sized white crappie, and for those who prefer to look for black crappie, Siltcoos Lake, south of Florence, is the place to start your search.

In the Portland area, you’ll also find that Oregon crappie fishing is in full swing much of the year, though spring is the best time, when the waters are warming and the schools are spawning. If you go in the spring or summer, try the Bonnie Lure State Recreation Area, where fishing is just one of the major activities allowed in the park, which also has attractions such as speed boating and swimming. The Government Island State Recreation Area in the Columbia River in northeast Portland is a great place to look for crappie, with about 15 miles of shoreline and lots of brush cover for these fish. This free campground tends to be extremely popular among anglers, even in winter months.

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