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Cause all you need to do is laugh!

When in tension, just remember something funny to bring a smile on your face, might sound difficult to implement in situations that drive you absolutely crazy and helpless but it’s totally worth it. Every individual possesses a sense of humor, only a few can flaunt it and use it often. Such people remain not only mentally but also physically healthy.

It is this very humor that can help you combat stress, be it emotional or physical. Tired from all day’s work, had a break-up, too much workload or anything else, just look at it in a funny way even if it’s the most difficult to. It is very easy to get saddened and depressed by the things around but it’s equally difficult to hold your head up high and have a positive approach towards life. We all have tough times in life. We’ve all at least once in our lives had a break up, or had our share of terrible days at work. Though smiling in tough times is difficult, just remember all the good times you’ve had and smile over them. Returned home late from work, all depressed?

Watch a comedy show or a movie. To combat all the problems you face in your life, nothing but a sense of humor will help you get away with all the situations. It indeed stands true that laughter is the best medicine. It is a powerful antidote to stress, pain and conflict. Humor lightens our burdens, inspires, hopes, connects us with others and keeps us grounded, focused and alert. Studies have proved that laughing with others is more powerful than laughing alone. To develop a sense of humor, the first important step is start smiling more often. Like laughter, even smiling is contagious. Also, to lighten up your mood and your life, bring some humor in all your conversations.

To be able to laugh at everything else around you, you also need to learn to laugh at yourself. The best way to take ourselves less seriously is to talk about time when we took ourselves too seriously. Looking for humor in a bad situation is another way to improve your mood and the mood of those around you. It is sometimes good to laugh upon the irony and absurdity of life. Another way to keep your mood light is to surround yourself with reminders. Keep a toy or your desk in your car, put up a funny poster in your office or room, and choose a computer screensaver that makes you laugh or simply frame photos of your friends and family having a lot of fun.

The ways to make oneself or others laugh are numerous. It only takes a little positive approach towards life to face all the stress in your life with a smile on your face. Laughter has immense power to heal and renew. The ability to laugh easily and frequently is a tremendous resource for surmounting problems, enhancing relationships and supporting both physical and emotional health.

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