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Celebrating Halloween With Small Children

Halloween is an exciting holiday that many people enjoy immensely, but it is also a very scary time of the year for small children. Small children do not understand the purpose for all of the scary costumes that they see and might even think that some of them are going to hurt them at some point during the day. Small children are innocents that have no understanding of evil things and they react to things that are scary by crying and running to their Mommy for safety.

Small children do not know what a vampire is and will not understand why he would wear a cape. They do understand that the fangs in his mouth are not like their Dad’s and the blood that is dripping out on the side of the mouth is something that should not be happening. These scary things are funny to grown-ups but to a small child they can be positively terrifying. Some parents might have to caution some children about centering their antics on the small children in the house.

Parents will start to explain all about Halloween weeks before it is due to arrive. They want their child to enjoy the holiday and not be scared at all from the images that they might see when they go around the neighborhood trick-or-treating. Some small children can not help but be scared and frighten and some parents worry if they made the wrong decision to hold a Halloween party at home.

Parents will be assured by other parents who have gone through the same process many times before. Small children will grow and with the right amount of reassurance will come to love the Halloween holiday and all of the festive costumes and decorations that go with it. These phases will pass and parents just have to weather them as they occur and make sure the good times last for everyone in their family every time Halloween rolls around.

As they get older trick or treating will be a very exciting experience for them and even as people are turning their lights out and ending their day the kids will still want to do some more tricks or treating. They will still knock on your door and scream trick or treat and be dressed in the scariest costumes that they can find. Many parents will open doors long after regular goblin visitor hours are over just so that they can see the cute little costumes that they children are wearing this year.

Of course, parents should always check the candy to ensure that it is safe, and make that all of the candles in the house are covered to keep costumes from igniting. After all these precautions are taken care of, parents will usually relax and enjoy the holiday with their families and Mom might go back in the kitchen to bake some more ghost and goblin shaped cookies.

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