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Cheap Flight Tickets to Hurghada Get them in 2012

Hurghada, the gem of Egypt has remained a big hit among divers around the globe. Millions of scuba diving enthusiasts book cheap tickets to Hurghada for immersing into the grace of Red Sea. Strewn with captivating coral reefs around Giftun Island and intriguing caves and immense variety of marine life, the place makes for a great destination for revelling in underwater charms.

With the New Year setting in and keen vacationers beginning to chalk out their travel plans, Hurghada once again features high on the priority list. With political unrest giving way to social stability in the region, 2012 is indeed the right time to dig deep and unearth cheap flight tickets to Hurghada!

Abu Nuhas Wrecks

Located in Shadwan Channel, just north coast of Shadwan Island, the largest island in Egyptian Red Sea, the Shaab Abu Nuhas Reef exhibits over five cargo shipwrecks and makes for an ideal place for divers who enjoy wreck diving. It is one of the most popular diving sites and is compelling stop for divers booking cheap tickets to Hurghada. Giannis D, Carnatic, Chrisoula K, Kimon M and Seastar are five wrecks that offer unique diving experience. Several wrecks are lying beneath the surface and are of 100 metres in length.

Careless Reef

Careless Reef is an ultimate diving site for feasting the eyes on spectacular array of semi-tame Moray Eels. The isolated reef boasts a steep wall and can only be dived during good weather conditions. There are forests of coral at the north while the southern side has plateau that slopes gently away with peaks of coral. With remarkable array of multihued creatures of sea including Jacks, Tuna, Barracuda and much more, Careless Reef offers a wide scope to veteran divers.

Rosalie Moller

Rosalie Moller was 110m coal ship that was bombed in 1940 by German aircraft and sank into 50m of Gubal Island in the northern side of Hurghada. It is a fitting site for encountering the assortment of trevally, tuna and meaty groupers. One can dive over the collapsed funnel for exploring the stern area and can check the engineers’ accommodation and engine room and can also witness the bomb blast hole. Most of the rooms are crammed full of cardinal fishes, yellowtaild barracuda and glassfish.

Small Giftun Island

Inundated with stunning drop-offs, remarkable pinnacles, coral-covered plateaus and wonderful caves, Small Giftun Island overwhelms the divers with its enchanting wealth of huge tunas, see turtles, moray eels, trevallies, crocodile fish, goatfish and stingrays. Small Giftun Island is an excellent site for learning diving. Spending some time at Small Giftun Island is well worth the money spent on cheap flight tickets to Egypt in 2012.

Gota Abu Ramada

Easily accessible from Hurghada, Gota Abu Ramada is revered as “the Aquarium”. Replete with marvellous range of butterfly fishes, banner fishes, goatfishes, angelfishes, parrot fishes, eagle rays, trevallies and triggerfish, the site beguiles the travellers with its incredible assets. The two large coral towers, at the west side of the reef, are intricately adorned with soft corals and gorgonians and the eastern side flaunts some tiny pinnacles.

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