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Children And Asthma

I now believe my son can truly enjoy his childhood without depending on his asthma inhaler. Research about children and asthma attacks can be very daunting and conflicting.

My son has suffered with this condition since birth and seeing him struggle for so many years made me very protective of him.

I have watched him take his medication all of this time with no complaints. In my eyes, he truly is a special son.

There have been times my son would have to spend days in the hospital due to a chest infection that would suddenly cause him to stop breathing.

During my boys’s hospitalization, I felt that I was doing the right thing by listening to the advice of the so-called experts.

They advised me to use different dosages and change to the latest drugs, which they claimed had a better success rate. As my child became older, he began to question the type of medication he was taking.

I tried to answer my boys’s questions; however, I did not know many of the answers.

One question that comes to mind is the time he stated, “Children and asthma should have a greater say in what medication we take.”

He went on to say, “I noticed I could control my breathing when I focused on you, mum. Couldn’t that be a part of my medication, instead of always reaching for the inhaler?”

After listening to my boy, I realized there was something to this statement. I began to look for other ways to help aide children with asthma. I found a wealth of information on the web, some of it good and some of it far out there, for instance:

– Placing crystals around a child’s bed supposedly helps his asthma

– Drinking water from a natural mountain spring lake before bed

-Drinking black tea before bed

– Ensuring your child wore a cotton hat whilst he slept

These ideas where somewhat far-fetched; however, a method that held my attention was info about how to quit using your asthma inhaler within a short period.

Doctors are not always the only alternative to treating children with asthma attacks.

Do you know drug companies are aware of simple ways to help your children stop using their asthma inhalers? Yet they refuse to tell you for fear your children will no longer need their medications.

This takes me back to the many times doctors kept on changing the brand of drugs my son was taking.

This made me more interested in alternative medicines for asthma. I decided to try these ideas. Over a period of twelve weeks, I noticed some changes:

-My son began to sleep through the night

-He could go a few days without the use of his asthma inhaler

-He took up sporting activities

-I actually watched him sprint for the bus, whereas before he would wait for the next one.

Children and asthma is a very broad subject, but children with asthma need to have a chance to stop useing their asthma inhalers. You hold the power to help improve your child’s quality of life at: