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Children Need A Good School Environment To Grow Up

When we see children fighting and using obscene language or slang with each it is socially unacceptable behavior. But is it their fault if they have not been taught to not to use such words? Children catch everything fast. They have a tendency of imitating their parents or any adult they see every day. They learn what they see. It completely depends upon the parents on how they bring up their children. If children are found to behave in an ill-mannered way, then the entire blame goes to their parents. We often say a person’s background reflects in the behavior. The first institution to learn anything and everything for a person is home. Children grab the good things as well as the bad things from their parents. But school also plays a significant role in nurturing a child’s nature and character.

School is the second institution after home which builds the personality of a person. Children learn whatever is being taught in their schools. If schools teach good things, they will learn good things and the vice-versa. Now the question is what is the definition of a good atmosphere for the toddlers to grow up? Unlike adults, children cannot be taken to every place because children tend to get attracted to bad things more than the good. There are many places that could be unsafe and risky for children. The surroundings in which the children live matters immensely when it comes to bringing them up. Bringing up the toddlers in traditional family makes them socially responsible when they grow, knowing well how to deal with people. Parents should try to make the environment at home peaceful so that their children also become peace loving. The traditional family which consists of mother and father help children feel secure enough so that when they grow up they are confident in facing life. Parents also should make it a point to maintain an environment of peace and humility in their homes.

In fact parents should be conscious enough while searching and admitting their children into schools. Children spend at least six hours a day in their schools and whatever they go through in the schools, they imbibe quickly. Parents should admit their children into a school which provides a decent atmosphere and they also should check what are the other facilities that are provide by the schools to its students. If children get a good environment both at home and in school then nothing can stop them from becoming mature and well brought up.

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