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Children with Asthma – Are Doctors Right?

Could this be true? I have been a good parent for thirty one years yet have just recently come across this info on children with asthma.

I have three children, my youngest being James. In all the years that I have been a father, I always felt that conventional medicine is the only true medicine. After all, when you listen to your doctor’s advice patients should show marked improvement each time.

How could I have known that my eight-year-old son would turn my entire belief system on its head? It all started when I witnessed James’s birth; he was a 7-pound, 5-oz. baby boy with a set of lungs to match.

On his ninth birthday his mom noticed that James was having trouble breathing. She immediately made an appointment to see the doctor, who ran a few tests.

The doctor diagnosed James as having asthma. James’s mother was beside herself with worry, and I tried to tell her that it is very common for children living in inner cities to be afflicted with asthma.

James was given medications, which he hated taking. James was forever having to take short breaks to use his asthma inhaler while playing football, a game he truly adored .

Children with asthma sometimes grow out of their condition by the time they start high school. In James’s case, however, his condition became far worse.

Then suddenly one day James’s mother called me downstairs to ask me if I’d noticed any thing different about James. I told her no, at which point she proceeded in telling me “James no longer needed to use his asthma inhaler.”

My wife explained, after searching through the web, “I came across techniques on how to prevent children with asthma from ever needing their asthma inhalers again.”

As you can imagine,
I strongly advised James’s mum to stop trusting the literature and to start, once again, to listen to our physician.

Then one evening I was driving past the playing fields and noticed James playing with the other kids. I observed him for at least an hour, and not once did he stop to use his asthma inhaler. Could this be true? Children with asthma are curable?

After much pondering, I decided to investigate these techniques for myself and found that there was a large amount of literature on children with asthma.

I chose to focus my reading on alternative treatments, since this had been the reason for James’s improvement. I spent months researching the subject.

Finally, I came to the conclusion that there was merit to this alternative treatment my wife had discovered.

The proof was plain to see in my son James; I no longer think of doctors as the only alternative to the healing process.

I can now see that there are other alternatives that can also be beneficial, which do not involve conventional drugs.

Children and asthma can be very frightening. If your friends have asthma and you would like them to stop using their asthma inhaler and at the same time point them towards a better quality of life, then go to: