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Choosing a Charter Yacht

A charter yacht can be a blissful way to spend a luxurious holiday, sailing in beautiful seas as you enjoy the splendid sunshine. But before you can enjoy any of this you have to make an important decision – which yacht are you going to charter?

It is best to choose from an accredited charter broker, such as one registered with the MYBA, founded in 1984 by some of the world’s leading brokers. The MYBA was founded to lend governance to a yacht broking industry which internationally, was poorly – if at all – regulated. It is the only organisation of its type across the continent of Europe and is internationally respected.

In order to ensure customer satisfaction the MYBA will accept applications only from yacht brokers who have been trading for a minimum of three years and already have a proven track record. Their application to join MYBA must be sponsored by four of the association’s existing members.

When chartering you can select a motor or sailing yacht. You may be able to do this do this online Searching online is perhaps the most efficient way to charter a yacht as will allow you to search for brokers all round round the world, particularly at the location where you are hoping to spend your yachting holiday.

After selecting your company you may be able to both choose and book your yacht charter on their website. There should be pictures of the yachts on offer, both motor and sail, with specifications such as length, the number of guests you will be allowed to have on board, plus the number of crew. Some companies also include an inquiry form on their websites allowing you to ask questions before selecting your charter. Hard copy catalogues are also available on request.

While all yacht charter brokers offer fully crewed crafts, there is also the option to choose a yacht with a captain only. Whatever decision you make,it will depend on the size and kind of yacht you want to charter, plus the duration of your yachting holiday.

Another choice of charter yacht is what is known as bareboat charter. This is undertaken in less hazardous waters and the charter company will need evidence that the yacht’s captain has the necessary sailing experience, or the person booking the charter owns a similar type of vessel.

Whatever type of yacht you decide to charter, it is vital you do business with only a reputable company, due dilligence and research is essential.

Our full management package takes care of every aspect of managing your yacht, which will ensure the yacht is always trading/cruising in compliance with local laws and regulations.Log