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Choosing Wedding Invitation Vendor: A Story

The wedding invitation is certainly a must for your wedding. As what the other couples do, you will try to make your wedding invitation as unique as possible. The way to choose a vendor for that becomes very crucial. Below is a real life story in Hong Kong and this will give us some insights when choosing the vendor.

The Story

A couple is going to get marry and planning their wedding. They tried to search on the internet for different wedding invitation providers. Finally, they found one which claims to be specialized in drawing the portraits of couples like cartoon drawings.

The couple loved the style of the company and approached it. When they first met, it was found that the shop of the company was not really a shop. It was not an office either. They were just renting a “table” from a tailor’s shop.

The couple felt a bit uncomfortable with the company but the staff of the company offered them a full money back guarantee if they were not satisfied with the design. The staff also offered them a 25% discount, though the original price is already quite inexpensive (HKD14 each or USD1.8, for 400 pcs). As a result the couple decided to give it a try.

When the couple got the electronic proof of the design, they felt really shocked because the portrait was nearly the same as a previous design of the company. It was not really depicting the characteristics of the couple. Because of that, the couple asked for a full refund.

However, the staff of the company lost her temper and became very impolite. Of course the couple could get their money back eventually but they had wasted some time. It is a really bad experience.

The Insights

In fact, we should be very careful when we are choosing the wedding invitation vendor. In the above case, the couple should not hire the company even if they offer a huge discount and money back guarantee. I will say that if the company is really confident with their works they do not need to offer such discount.

As a wedding invitation designer myself, I have never offered discounts when the clients feel uncomfortable with my company. A mutual trust between the vendor and the client is very important. You should not hire a company that you do not feel comfortable with.

Besides, the original charge of the company is too low to be real. Four hundred pieces of invitations only cost about USD720, and it goes to USD540 after the discount. For a really professional illustrator in Hong Kong, only the drawing itself may cost this amount.

It will be quite impossible to have the job done with this amount, unless they are not really trying to provide the wedding invitations of the highest quality. You need always to compare the difference in prices and quality of other vendors so that you will not make a wrong decision.

Cases like the above story happen everyday. However, if we compare and research thoroughly, we should be able to be away from such kind of unhappy experiences.

Jerry Leung is a wedding invitation designer with great interest in Chinese Style Wedding cards. He Designs a lot of Modern ChineseWedding Invitations. He runs A Wedding Blog and shares Wedding Tips.